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I do know others who have had this obsession. Im glad you grew up.

Design Confessions of a Jordan-aholic
10/3/12 08:10 PM

Black Friday is a big tradition for my sisters and I. We are so looking forward to it this year. We find it a lot of fun. Its really not about shopping, but the experience of doing something together. We don't even buy much most of the times. We are all adults now and don't get hang out as much. Please remember its not for everyone and try not criticize those who love it!

Do You Have Any Black Friday Traditions?
11/15/11 06:15 PM

The world has lost someone very special today.

RIP Steve Jobs: Apple's Legacy of Good Design
10/5/11 08:57 PM

Keep up the good work

Nook Coffee Table by Dave Pickett
Design Showcase 2011

9/19/11 07:33 PM

Same lame shoe ads on facebook. This is a design site go spam elsewhere.

Ikat Goes Mosaic
Tile Vault

9/7/11 10:50 AM

Lovely home, if only they can do the same for the communities surrounding the universities in Atlanta

Real Estate Rescue: LeDroit Park Gem Makes a Comeback
Urban Turf DC

8/15/11 10:31 PM