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Its nice but I found it too large in size for condos that are 600sq ft and under. I prefer the series of storage beds from a company called Mobital.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bossa Platform Bed with Storage Mechanism at EQ3
4/7/08 01:19 PM

The placement of the furniture in the before picture seemed to make the room appear smaller. I like the after effect with the placement of the "Ghost-like" lucite chair which blends in, and the two tables used as a coffee table. This makes the space much more open and brighter.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Before and After: Step by Step Room TransformationO at Home
4/2/08 06:25 AM

Haha i love it! I want one!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Tristan Zimmerman's Park Planters
4/1/08 07:59 AM

I use a microwave rice cooker due to lack of counter space.
It works great and I never have to worry about my rice burning over the kitchen stove...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: What's the Deal with Rice Cookers?
3/24/08 07:31 AM

the smaller the space, the less to clean.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Village Modern On the Cheap NYT House & Home Roundup 3.20.08
3/20/08 06:17 AM