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Holly is loaded with caffeine? Do tell and how do we extract this stuff safely? I've got a number of these bushes growing in my front yard!

Holiday Caution: Avoid a Poisonous Garnish
12/9/11 01:49 PM

This is my favorite way to lie to my kids every year. They freak over this (and so do I).

Have Santa Send an Impressively Personal Video Message
12/9/11 10:15 AM

I created "Disconnect/Interact" meme buttons regarding this very topic. You can see them on my facebook page : More East Design

Truly Unplggd: Why and How We Turn Our Tech Off
11/28/11 12:34 PM

And is that an exit door under the cat's tail where the...well....exit is?

Kitty-Shaped Kindergarten
11/14/11 02:14 PM

While reading at a coffee shop I watched a meeting take place between three people. One of the individuals was tapping on their iphone and apologized, saying, "I'm sorry, I'm taking meeting notes on my iphone". My vantage point on the couch allowed a clear visual of the phone. Apparently this person put their notes in the form of Facebook status updates and responses. I sincerely doubt the effectiveness of note taking on an iphone if it's anything more than a phone number, email, etc.

Is It Rude to Take Notes On Your Phone?
11/14/11 01:16 PM

Interesting...I can never have ENOUGH raisins around. I second the oatmeal comment above, but I've also found that they are spectacular in stir-fry. They add a wonderful sweetness to any spice you might add (cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, etc.).

How Can I Use Up a Lot of Raisins?
Good Questions

11/8/11 01:37 PM

What I hate more than relatively thoughtless Xmas cards are pre-fab e-cards. It doesn't get any lazier than that. With that in mind, last year our family created an interactive PDF that linked to songs, videos, etc. and gave a run down of our year along with photos and other goodies. We even added our xmas wish list with links to buying sites. Admittedly, it was more out of not wanting to make the effort to create something physical. This year, however, we sent physical cards, which were self-created woodcuts, printed on Black Friday ads, hand signed and numbered. That way our friends and family got something that took a decent amount of work and stands alone as an art piece as well. This will forever beat an e-card. I'd prefer a chunk of coal over an e-card.

Make the Move From Snail-Mail to Online Christmas Cards
12/10/10 09:54 AM

Except Trish, you only did this to make a point. The type of person that responds in all caps and yells in all caps is probably not the type of person who would take the extra effort to uncomfortably position their pinky. This is like forced social evolution. ;)

Google Chrome Netbooks Won't Have Caps Lock Keys
12/8/10 10:38 AM

Understood that some sectors of the computer using population might use caps on a more legitimate basis, but their numbers compared to the obnoxious emailers, newspaper article commenters, youtube commenters and so on absolutely pale in comparison. This will be a much appreciated by some and suck it up to others type of scenario that once released, will not be recalled. That's my prediction anyways.

Google Chrome Netbooks Won't Have Caps Lock Keys
12/8/10 10:05 AM

Hear, hear to that one above! I can only quote a poster I saw at a Denver bookstore "Books need people, not batteries."

The Best Gifts For A Book Worm
12/1/10 02:29 PM

True. As a school safety specialist, in the event of a lockdown students can make contact to parents/authorities without making themselves known audibly. Granted, students aren't supposed to have phones and calls in the event of an emergency can become highly problematic, but I still think having this option can lead to much safer communication and response in right scenario.

Convenient or Crazy? Texting 911 for Emergencies
11/29/10 09:31 AM

Although that is a stunning visual, this certainly won't translate to the Re-nest site!

A Gigantic Interactive Installation Made from Packing Tape

8/3/10 11:06 AM

Screw all that crazy bourgie furniture madness that is high point...head on over to Greensboro and stop into Tate Street Coffee for eclectic design madness, awesome people and even awesomer coffee.

The Eagle Has Landed High Point Market | Apartment Therapy New York
4/17/10 06:40 AM

Furthermore, It's not that I just prefer the tactile experience of reading a hardcopy book....I also equally enjoy the experience of searching a bookstore, big or small, for the unexpected novel that changes my life. A Nook or similar device funnels us further into a marketing vortex where the pleasures of stumbling upon a book are sacrificed to suggestive sales and focus group marketing. No thanks.

Do You Plan to Purchase an eReader This Year? Survey | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/22/10 06:49 AM

No No No A thousand times No. Hardcopy books forever!

Do You Plan to Purchase an eReader This Year? Survey | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/22/10 06:46 AM

I wish I would have known this trick awhile ago. Even if it doesn't work as good as typical window plastic, the ease of putting this up is well worth it. I hate dealing with double sided tape that doesn't stick to the walls and pulls paint away when you remove it. This looks so much better as well.

How To: Insulate with Bubble Wrap | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/30/09 11:15 AM

That would NOT work. I enjoy shoveling snow (of all depths) and as soon as it pushed a pile of snow big enough that it couldn't be pushed further, it would be incredibly cumbersome to then lift that shovel and move the pile of snow out of the way. Maybe it works in small areas, but it is certainly no replacement for a snow blower. Nice try.

P.S. - snowblowers are for people who don't take initiative to shovel before it all accumulates to an excessive degree....or are too impatient to wait for it to melt. :)

A Green Snow Blower: The Sno Wovel | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/2/09 08:29 PM

My next door neighbor had a door with a centered knob and as cool as i thought it was....i hated it. it made opening the heavy door much more difficult for my undeveloped pre-pubescent muscles.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Door Knobs in the Middle of the Door#comments#comments
10/24/08 01:06 PM

I've used these filters and the biggest problem is that over time it lets in too many grounds, which ultimately clogged my coffee pot. It was a pain in the butt to clean them out and get the water flow to the right point.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Simple Invention: Reusable Mesh Coffee Filter
8/30/08 07:51 PM

Purchased a counter-sized chunk of old bowling alley and turned it into my kitchen counter. Built a frame for it, sanded and shellaced the crap out of it, cut out and installed a double sink, and attached a fabric cover to the front. It's beautiful and functional.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Proudest DIY?
8/7/08 11:36 AM