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Here's a simpler solution: being any sort of busy person (that is I have been busy, stressed, and exhausted, and craving sugar long before I became a mother): jar of peanut butter, jar of nutella, spoon, everything you need in sugar, protein, and chocolate.

Also to all you: "You'll never understand unless you are a parent" people, I spent YEARS not being a parent and I understood quite well. It's called empathy.

Eat Dessert Like a Mom: 20-Minute Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Guest Post from Debbie Koenig of Parents Need to Eat Too
3/31/13 11:12 AM

Been eating natural PB since I was a child, when we got "Deaf Smith" brand in a big paint bucket at room temperature. When we switched to Smucker's, we store the unopened jar upside down in the cupboard, but have to stir it for first use, and then store in fridge to keep from separating. With other natural brands (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's), we've had the new, unopened jar leak while upside down, and they often have too much oil, so we take some off, and then stir and fridge right-side up.

A relative microwaves their PB briefly to warm it (I think they have Jif at rooom temp).

For the fake brands, they are always kept in the cupboard. The fridge is only for the separating natural kind, although the oil rancid issue might be important for those infrequent eaters.

Nutella actually says on the jar "do not refrigerate".

Do You Have to Refrigerate Peanut Butter? Good Questions
7/16/12 01:42 PM

Having a side of bread is great (you can try some of the different no-knead recipes here, or just pick up a nice loaf), just hand the toddler a small slice or heel. Usually that's something great to munch away on, I've seen success with everything from white to multi-grain.
Some parents are fairly strict on the "child gets the same food as that available to the rest of us" so you might inquire about that before making any sort of separate meal options.

Soup is great, but can be fairly messy and you may not wish that in your place.

Toddler-Friendly Recipe Ideas for a Casual Dinner with Friends? Recipe Questions
6/27/12 12:33 PM

I'm the type who always kicked off tucked in sheets, I cannot stand being trapped. So we do a heavy duvet with a duvet cover on the bottom and then a lightweight one on top of that. Both, however, are Queen/Full (Full bed). I like to sleep with my arms between them, and occasionally we end up with separate duvets by morning. In the summer, it's just the lightweight one or drag out a single top sheet.

Scandinavian Style: Two Duvets on One Bed
3/29/12 10:44 PM

I have wooden trivets, so I don't see the problem. However, if they're something your grandfather-in-law made and it's the different types of wood put together and you burn a candle (in a candleholder) on top it will possibly crack apart.
Just don't let your roommate put your cutting board on top of the electric burner.

Could a Wooden Cutting Board Be Used as a Trivet?Product & Shopping Questions
3/17/12 06:48 PM

@Adelaidean: I found on day 3 of trying a heavily reduced sugar intake diet that I would get a migrane (like an addiction withdrawal). For me, sugar and caffeine are migrane cures (people are different). So if I toughed out that day and kept the sugar intake down, it wouldn't happen again. This is separate from the caffeine reduction I also had to do, which had its own withdrawal headaches, milder than the sugar.

Refreshing, Caffeine-Free Afternoon Drink: Coconut Water
3/2/12 05:05 PM

Rooibos Earl Grey tea by Rishi - 2 tsp. per cup. Get a tea strainer with the tiniest holes you can find, and mix it with any other sort of loose herbal (1tsp. or less). It makes a nice dark cuppa, with good flavor. But some tea drinkers I know just strongly dislike Rooibos.

Also, I grew up drinking hot lemonade for sore throats, another good drink (mix in ginger, honey, mint, as needed).

A friend of mine introduced me to cucumber water, which was also crisp, cold, and fun.

Refreshing, Caffeine-Free Afternoon Drink: Coconut Water
3/2/12 05:00 PM

I have no problems with mess, but I clean as I go. That way any waiting time for cooking, I'm still likely to be in the kitchen, and things won't overboil or burn because I walked off to do something else. It took some time to train my husband to stay in the kitchen rather than walk off without a timer going or with a lid on the spaghetti. He prefers to read a book and clean all at once after dinner.

Clean Up! Do You Clean As You Go?
1/26/12 11:21 AM

Memorized at the age of 5: Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies
Sometime later: Joy of Cooking popovers
There's a number of other simple dishes that don't really need a recipe like omeletes, stir-fry chicken and whatever else I want to throw in, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. But even something I have memorized I will often double-check just to be certain I didn't forget something.

Which Recipes Do You Know By Heart?
1/23/12 05:00 PM

I tried kneading bread dough in the Kitchen-Aid stand mixer once. I had to fight it climbing up the dough hook and being covered with axle grease. It was pointless. I do kneading by hand, and 95% of the bread I make is no-knead which is by far tastier than any knead recipes I've tried.

If you have wrist problems which means you cannot knead and for some reason don't want to go the no-knead route: try a food processor or bread machine as suggested above.

Best Budget Stand Mixer for Making Bread?
Good Questions

1/4/12 03:41 PM

If the note is going to explain to me (like Cooks Illustrated) why I should follow their technique and use their specific ingredients, tools, or pans, I think it's very useful.
I would tend to make the recipe more like what is written than say "oh, I don't have X in the house", and substitute and maybe it will work. Or think I should do a step differently because I know better than the author.

The other use for me helps me understand the type of dish (traditional Italian like mama used to make; attempt at making low-fat cake, etc.) that I like. Or notes like "If you prefer cake-like brownies, use a 9x13, and 8x8 for fudge-like".

But then again, I'm looking more for recipes that work, or techniques to help me out in cookbooks I get (and have no more room for on shelves), not so much history/stories, unless they support the recipe.

Recipe Headnotes: Do We Really Need Them?
9/19/11 06:16 PM

If you have a microwave oven, check the directions (and practice your French). We found that the one in our French rental was combined microwave + regular oven. You can do a lot of decent toaster oven like cooking in it, and there were even cookies.

Also with a good heavy pot, you can estimate a lot of oven cooking on a stove.

Help! My New Kitchen Has No Oven!
Good Questions

9/8/11 10:42 AM

Even in cold, I've had colors bleed. Sorry, whites stay separate. Blacks have their own load as well.

A towels + sheets load is usually done separately also, with jeans sometimes mixed in. Whatever can be hung on a rack to dry will get hung.

Delicates are 100% separate from the rest.

Sort Laundry by Fabric, Not Color, to Save Energy & Money
4/11/11 12:39 AM

Stonyfield lowfat French Vanilla. Occasionally Brown Cow Maple if I want a bit sweeter.

What Is Your Favorite Yogurt?
4/6/11 10:06 PM

Banana bread, scones, pancakes, and cinnamon chip cinnamon swirl bread. For the person with butterscotch chips, make "every-chip cookies": chocolate chip cookie base, but mix up a few types of chips.
And my favorite cinnamon chip recipe: http://desertculinary.blogspot.com/2005/05/chocolate-and-cinnamon-chip-blondies.html

I buy the Hershey's when I travel to visit family (or get them in my stocking from them!) Or order from King Arthur's during one of their free shipping deals.

What Would You Do With: Cinnamon Baking Chips?
3/17/11 10:35 PM

I have my Mom's cast iron muffin pan which makes great popovers, although the ones in the middle are a bit lower and denser (but just as tasty).
I gave to popover-loving friends a stoneware muffin pan (with the theory that with a good preheat, it makes a better popover), and tested it, found it to be 2 popovers short for the recipe, and then included 2 ramekins in the gift. Made perfect popovers, even in the ramekins!

Popover Pans: Are They Necessary for Perfect Popovers?
2/24/11 05:57 PM

popover batter - makes the best popovers, for those weekend breakfasts or some people have them as a side for a steak dinner.

Help Me Make the Most of My Brand-New Blender!
Good Questions

1/27/11 07:45 PM

Most tall travel mugs won't fit in a typical office microwave. Get an immersible heating element (Bed Bath & Beyond has them near the coffee/tea making area - $8) for heating/re-heating and a Contigo Autoseal - the non-colored ones are dishwasher safe.

Help Me Find the Perfect Travel Mug!
Good Questions

11/30/10 08:03 PM

Two comments:
1) Not all sweeteners are the same. Some of them you do not want to cook with because they break down into chemicals when heated. Check the sweetener box, and if a recipe calls for a particular type, use that.
After experimenting with Splenda, we've found *we* dislike it so we just go with lower sugar recipes.
My diabetic husband loves cookies made from just pie crust. I also made a no-cook French silk pie substituting in NutraSweet which was a big hit.

2) Yes, it's all about carbs, and not so much about avoiding sugar in particular (except for avoiding the sharp glucose high from sugar). See what bakingbarrister said. If he is on a carb counting method/diet, one of the best things you can do is try to estimate portions and carb counts. It's a lot of work when you're new to it.

Looking for Diabetic-Friendly Desserts for Thanksgiving
Good Questions

11/20/10 07:48 AM

I push them in, husband believes in breaking them. You know how "they" recommend different pasta shapes for different sauces? If there's a sauce I'm making that my brain associates with classic spaghetti, then I push it in. Otherwise whomever cooks it wins.

Or just buy angel hair nests, so much quicker.

What Is the Best Way to Fit Spaghetti in a Small Pot?
Good Questions

10/29/10 05:14 PM