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The butcher block piece just doesn't work for me. It's not so much that it looks out of place, as that it doesn't seem to have much of a purpose. For example, if they had instead narrowed the section of steel where the bench sits and then wrapped it in cedar, so as to make it appear as if the cedar is an integral part of a bench supported by two separate steel legs, I think it would have been a much more powerful piece.

CS-1 Side Table by Heal and Bower
Design Showcase 2011

9/26/11 12:29 PM

Awhile back, my girlfriend and I fought over having a dish rack in our tiny kitchen. I think they are ugly and unnecessary if one has a dishwasher, but she demanded we have one regardless. We ended up getting the dish doctor and have been very happy with it. It doesn't look like yet another bland hunk of stainless steel in our kitchen, it can be stored easily on its side if needed to clear space on the counter, and we found its design very versatile for all sorts of drying needs. Does this make me a convert to dish racks? Not sure, but I wouldn't trade it for any others on the list above. For example, the High & Dry Dish Rack looks neat, but in reality isn't very strong and flexes too much.

As to priscilla's comments, we've never had any problem with drainage or mildew. We always keep the humidity low in my apartment (e.g., A/C in the summer) and our use of the dish doctor is for casual drying needs. So those could be factors that have lead to different experiences.

Best Dish Racks 2011

8/11/11 01:10 PM