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Regardless of individual preference, can we at least refer to the patterns by their correct terms? "Straight" is Stacked Bond. "Staggered" is Running Bond.

What's the Best Tile Layout For My Bathroom?: Straight or Staggered?
4/11/14 02:37 PM

A man here. I've always wanted a drum head pendant light like the one here:

I'm not a musician, but I think it looks cool. Also, drums are manly.

DIY Ceiling Light Ideas Incorporating Red West Elm Cord? Good Questions
3/7/14 09:24 AM

I agree with the power wash suggestion, but not much after that. To clarify, what you have is poured-in-place concrete with wood expansion joints. Those are not pavers. They would be the largest pavers in the history of the suburbs. The wood grid was laid out on a stone subbase and wet concrete poured in the voids. As a result, there is inevitably some bond between the concrete and the wood. With that in mind, it may be nearly impossible to remove all of the wood. I suppose you could try grinding it out some to allow for the new infill. At that point, you could try treadable plants or angular stone chips. Do NOT use pea gravel. The round shape will cause it to move around and not stay put. An angular gravel, such as #9 bluestone, will lock in place.

Hope that helps.
-Adam, RLA

Paver Spacers for Modern Patio Facelift? Good Questions
7/3/13 09:29 AM

I am underwhelmed. Poor connection between the formal garden and the patio for one. The other disaster being the multiple styles of average-at-best furniture that come no where near to filling out the patio and creating a comfortable space. What appears to be a cool house on a great piece of property did not meet it's landscape potential.

The Danish Ambassador's Garden Paradise My Great Outdoors
5/15/12 02:07 PM

^^ Agreed. Fastigiate European Hornbeam. There are a number of species with fastigiate cultivars including oaks, tulip poplars, and maples.

Help Identifying These Trees for My Zone 5 Garden? Good Questions
4/19/12 04:08 PM

Anyone know where can i find those wire dining room chairs? Or something similar?

Brad's Historic Music Studio Building Loft
House Call

10/3/11 04:16 PM

@Lucy- Yes, the daylilies were in full bloom at the beginning of July, so I snapped a picture. I took the remaining pics when I learned of this contest. It makes me think that an additional later flowering plant in that area might be a good idea.

Adam's Federal Hill's Finest Patio
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #17

8/18/11 05:03 PM