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To all those who suggested a leather couch - do your cats have claws? We are thinking about investing in a leather couch, but we're afraid that our fully clawed cat would damage it. He never intentionally scratches the furniture, but he does jump and knead - declawing is not an option.

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6/21/11 03:04 PM

I agree. Unfortunately, the copy doesn't quite match the brilliant concept and layout. Still fun though!

"Everything Ages Fast" Faux Vintage Tech Ads
8/20/10 11:48 AM

My boyfriend works from home and our cat Walter loves to sit on the corner of his desk. We’ve nicknamed Walter, “The Totally Useless Secretary”. Walter sleeps on the job (always on top of important papers), gets annoyed when a ringing phone interrupts his nap, insists on responding to emails even tough his typing is atrocious, and frequently brings inappropriate gifts like mice and birds into the office. We’d fire him, but Wally knows just how to cheer you up after a bad day at the office.

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9/19/08 10:04 AM

Although I use my blow dryer and flat iron on a daily, I put them away immediately after use. Not only does it look neater, but I'd never forgive myself if either of my curious cats burnt their noses. Also, I think that it's inconsiderate to my husband, who doesn't use these tools, to have them laying about. I'm actually a really messy person at heart, who makes a daily effort to be neat.

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3/5/08 11:41 AM