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Or just brew tea like the Persians. Basically find a tea kettle (for the stovetop) with a wide mouth (and handle that moves) and place a smaller ceramic (or metal) teapot on top.


or http://www.amazon.com/STAINLESS-TURKISH-SAMOVAR-DOUBLE-KETTLE/dp/B000FPKT6K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400536093&sr=8-1&keywords=double+tea+kettle


You fill the bottom teapot with water, let it boil, then fill the smaller teapot on top with some of that boiled water and tea leaves. The steam from the bottom teakettle will keep the teapot on top warm. You then pour tea using both the pot and kettle, the bottom full of plain boiled water will dilute the strong tea from the pot.

That said this ruins good tea. Please don't do this with green tea, white tea, oolong or any quality tea.

Tea Concentrate Is the Best Way to Make Tea for a Crowd Tea Essentials
5/19/14 05:51 PM

I love it! The new cabinets have a much nicer feel and airiness to them that the "original" cabinets lack. I also really like how you replaced the door to allow more outside light to flow in. A bold and beautiful choice not pedestrian like the before.

Kitchen Before & After: An Outdated Kitchen Gets a Rich, Warm Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/17/14 12:37 PM

Apartment Therapy - Please add subtitles. Or transcribe these videos so your deaf readers can participate. Pretty please!

One Minute Tip: Grandpa Carl's Accordion Table Design for Tiny Spaces Apartment Therapy Videos
4/10/14 06:08 PM

carless not careless! opps

Christine's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/17/14 05:03 PM

I'm not planing on have a children for a few years but I'd love to hear from urban parents (ideally careless) and what products they most found useful. In particular is there some sort of car seat I can use easily in a rental car but also use in another manner at home?

PS: My friends are very slowly starting to have babies and all 2 so far refuse to have registries. What are good baby gifts for first time parents?

Christine's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/17/14 04:59 PM

Nice, simple room. Doesn't read professional to me - regardless of whatever constraints those who created it were under. Seems like a very typical ordinary suburban baby design.

Charming Dwell print.

Asher's Modern Nest Professional Project
3/14/14 04:49 PM



Tips for Keeping Cats Off Kitchen Counters Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 11:22 AM

Our cat food bowls are on the bottom shelf of a bookcase (ikeas BILLY) that way they don't get knocked around. Over time I've added two small works of art for our cat to admire right above the food bowls - a framed 6x6 sketch of a cat in Tallinn and a similar sized ASL flash card of the word "cat".

Stylish DIY Pet Bowls & Beds You Can Live With Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 11:10 AM

I gave this as a Christmas gift for my parents (who love to cook) and they absolutely loved it. Rather than cook as they typically do - italian, french, german food they ended up eating thai and mexican and loved it! I would certainly give them a few weeks of this again. My Dad kept asking how much it cost because he assumed it was significantly more expensive than it really was.

Better Than Take-Out & Quicker Than the Grocery Store: I Tried Blue Apron's Meal Delivery Service Product Review
2/4/14 02:53 PM

If I buy a new toilet and then later decide to have my bathroom floors re-tiled do I then need to buy a new toilet? Or can the same toilet be reused regardless of the flooring?

How Much Did it Cost to Buy and Install Your Toilet? Reader Intelligence Request
1/28/14 06:25 PM

Lovely house tour - especially the kitchen and living room. Your taste in art is quite nice.

Kirsten & Chris' Timeless Style House Tour
1/23/14 02:58 PM

I think this post must be some kind of odd joke. Seriously everything looks fake. Does this apartment even exist?

Adi's Glamorous Apartment in the Sky House Tour
1/20/14 04:39 PM

I realize you are asking about curtains but I think a longer rectangle size pendent would really accent your dining room table and help the room feel a little more in proportion. Assuming you are going to keep your current couch and furniture I think something simple and modern - like bring white curtains would add something and help that beautiful carpet shine.




Help Me Pick the Perfect Curtains Good Questions
11/22/13 10:35 AM

For anyone looking for a small scale I'd highly recommend the folding scale by jospeh and Joseph. I paid $19 for it at home goods but its about $30 online.

Tipping the Scales: How I Am Training Myself to Use a Kitchen Scale
11/18/13 01:18 PM

I hid my printer under the end table in my living room. Its two lack tables put together so it forms a nice little cube. Less than $30 and it looks nice for the price. How crazy is it that my computer keeps weighting less and less and my printers keep getting bigger?

Under $200: 5 Practical Printer Stands
8/12/13 12:23 PM

Your home has a really lovely feel to it. I love the way you did your kitchen and bathrooms in particular. Wonderful home! And for the record I think your friends are wrong - it definitely looks like people live there - just people who keep a clean home!

Kristen & Michelle's Modern Bohemian House Tour
8/8/13 04:04 PM

I highly recommend the Hotel Amira in Istanbul! 5 minute walk (or less frankly) from the blue mosque and a great little part of the city.

A Design Lover's Guide to Istanbul Apartment Therapy's Design Destination Guide
7/25/13 02:30 PM

How much did you end up paying for the bench seat to be created? I've got approximately 30 feet of basically useless window seats in my living room and I'd love to do something like this but I've always assumed the cost of even a small storage unit would be outrageous.

Question to the AT community: Do you think adding this type of storage (assuming it is well done) would add value to a home? I have a 1000 sq foot high rise condo.


Advice on Cutting the Foam for Window Seat Cushions? Good Questions
7/17/13 12:21 PM

Sorry to post yet another "where did you get______" question - but where did you get your bed linens? Your place is spectacular. By far my favorite entry on apartment therapy.

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
6/5/13 12:36 AM

The only dried limes I know are these persian ones: http://www.kalamala.com/products/dried-lemon-lime-limoo-amanigolchin-4oz

That said they aren't that small - perhaps on average a little under an inch diameter.

Help Me Recreate This Mystery Meal From Iraq! Good Questions
6/3/13 10:19 AM