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oh my. calm down about the bamboo, people. there are different varieties of bamboo, and not all are extremely invasive. The extremely invasive variety CAN be contained also, it just is a bit more legwork to install --- you have to trench and put in an underground barrier to contain the roots. (instructions from Mike McGrath of You Bet Your Garden: With that in mind, underground barriers can be a pretty fascinating tool to use --- if you visit Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, there is a fabulous piece of sculpture made of bamboo, like a bamboo cave thing that you can walk through, and that was done by containing the roots in an underground design. Pretty fabulous. (Grounds for Sculpture:

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4/20/12 08:40 AM

I'm not feeling like the stone is worth saving -- hire someone to cement/spackle over that thing and get some smooth flat walls there! it'd be much cheaper than demolishing it. Then I'd go with MerBot's suggestion of low profile shelving -- you won't even notice that the walls around the fireplace stick out!

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8/16/11 06:42 PM

Hi, Sarah here. Thanks for all of your suggestions! my husband and I completely gutted the new house (walls, electric, plumbing, heating, sewer -- EVERYTHING) and we're trying to make some efficient choices moving forward. one decision is installing electric heat and a wood-burning stove, and we plan on venting the stove in such a way that it will heat the entire house. the wood-burning stove will be our main source, the fall-back is the electric heat. (which, for a 850 sq ft house, shouldn't be too much of a challenge!)

@gatineauhills -- supremely helpful information! I copied your entire post and added it to my ever expanding "House Ideas" Google-doc. we haven't purchased the stove yet, so thanks for notes about the catalytic converter. also, we are putting in wood floors, and the wool rug idea sounds like a lifesaver. We're not really going for an artful wood niche, we'll be keeping a stack nearby outside and a small pile inside. (my thoughts exactly about the bugs)

@bepsf -- thanks for the link! beautiful tile, I'm just wondering what kind of stay-power a design decision like that will have? I'm almost leaning toward brick-everything just because it seems like a safe, timeless bet. I'm loving these tiles with the raised ovals though ....

@Blandwagon -- I'm a fan of a wood-burning stove. I like the way they look, so I'm not feeling the dishwasher-in-your-livingroom thing. I do like those retro fireplaces, like the blue one you pointed out, but they aren't really efficient and won't be able to heat the whole house. (and if we build a second floor as we're planning to do, we won't be able to vent that thing properly to get the heat spread through the house) So I'm cool with the classic wood-burner, but what's throwing me is this tile / brick / slate / something decision, running up my walls. Floors are one thing. walls ... hm.

THANKS so much for all of your input though, I really appreciate it! and no worries, we'll be keeping it to code!

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8/10/11 10:05 AM