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i have to give a shout out to my fellow Georgian... beautiful home! love the midcentury style! that green couch AND the whole sunroom is my fave ~ oh! and i love the entry wall as well! :)

Harper & Caleb's Sophisticated Southern Gem
House Tour

8/26/11 03:04 PM

you guys totally know what your doing! it's beautiful and inspiring! love it!

East #71: Jamie's "Iced Cube Silver"
8/25/11 10:42 AM

Beautiful home! one of my faves!!

East #28: Randi in BK's Color Quirks
8/25/11 10:39 AM

Nice job!! love the colors you chose! way to use what you have and get creative!

East #34: K, L & M's Eclectic Collection
8/25/11 10:36 AM

Love your pad! you are so making me homesick for La Mesa, where i used to live... the shack is my fave!

Noa & Stuart's Boho-Chic Bungalow (and Shed Remodel!)
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8/19/11 02:18 PM

LOVE your design style! mid century modern is the best! such a happy place full of love!

A Special Room for Imminent Foster Kids
Kids' Room Tour

8/11/11 10:30 PM

I don't think ill ever get bored of Chevron print! simple yet intriguing... i love it!

On Trend: Chevron in Kids' Rooms
8/9/11 11:35 AM