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I use the iPad very often for work, where I can meet with coworkers and look over designs very quickly. It's easier than unhooking my laptop from it's configuration, and is super handy to have at meetings or on the go.

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2/14/12 10:48 AM

We tried and tried to keep up a good relationship with our old landlord, but in the end, he was a bitter, cranky man who didn't want to be a landlord in the first place. Prompt reports about a leaking shower head were returned with accusations of wrecking the property (turned out a washer was just old and needed replacement). He tried to charge us for tree roots in the septic system, which is a general problem in Minneapolis for most properties, and obviously not something we did.

We eventually moved to a big building run by a property company and couldn't be happier. All of the sweet charm of our old place and old neighborhood were negated by the landlord's presence in our lives.

We wound up NOT reporting things to him that were wrong, and either fixed them ourselves or just let them go. Too many times of being shouted at for "careless abuse" (e.g. the dripping shower head) made us not want to contact him at all. We lost about a third of our security deposit, but it was worth it just to be rid of him.

3 Tips for a Successful Landlord/Tenant Relationship
9/26/11 12:18 PM

I love trying all of the University of Minnesota apples (the folks who brought you the Honey Crisp!) in the fall... easy to do since I work on campus. :) The SnowSweet is really amazing; the flesh stays creamy and doesn't brown for a long time after they're sliced.

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9/22/11 11:50 AM

Found on as well:

A quick Google search for "corner shower caddy" turned up a ton of results.

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8/24/11 08:17 PM

It just KILLS me that Ikea doesn't have equal stock in the USA, or a way to get a piece. Found the absolute perfect sideboard table solution for a weird hallway/living room wall section, but the piece isn't in stock locally, and I can't order it to be shipped. Frustrating. :(

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8/23/11 12:54 PM

1. A landlord/manager that you can talk to and is reasonable. We left a nice place because of a horrible landlord who was quick to accuse us when anything in the apartment went wrong.

2. Heat included. We're in Minnesota and this isn't too uncommon, but it's a must have for me. Until I own or have more control over insulation, I don't want to pay s heating bill.

3. Off-street parking. I don't mind brushing snow off my car, but I hate moving my car during snow emergencies and risking tickets and tows.

4. In the same wintery vein: no shoveling! All lawn and snow care should be included.

5. On site laundry, at least in the building. I was anti laundry room for our new larger building (I never seem to have quarters) but they have a card machine that you can load up with value ahead of time and recharge on site. Excellent!

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8/9/11 09:26 AM