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Small, peaceful, soothing colors, great place to be after a hectic day @ work,
Love it

#39 - New York Guy's Serene Oasis
5/8/07 05:06 AM

Your place is peaceful and serene as it is.
The choice of colors is consistent with the theme of serenity.
I like the clean, no clutter space, (in such a small area), a contrast to the caotic city outside.
I would not clutter your walls , keep it as sparse as possible,
you achieved a quite slice in a noisy city,

ENJOY IT ............


#39 - New York Guy's Serene Oasis
5/8/07 04:36 AM

absolutely fantastic !!
I would spend most of my time in that kitchen!

#4 - Camil's Bright Modern Aesthetic
4/13/07 11:43 AM