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i could live there. great place!

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/7/13 02:27 PM

LeAnn, how bizarre! i got a better deal than you, then. the table was included :)))

LeAnn's "Kitschy Mid Mod" Room
10/31/11 09:18 AM

correction, the chair bases look the same, my table has the same base as the chairs, not like this one.
love the room by the way!

LeAnn's "Kitschy Mid Mod" Room
10/30/11 11:27 AM

i have the same exact set of kitchen table/chairs, same color, everything! what are they? i bought them for a hundred bucks at a vintage furniture store in Nashville and thought that the table and chair bases were replaced, but these look exactly the same. i'm baffled because the pictures on the bottom of the chairs have the same design with different legs. is it kinda like with Eames chairs where you can have different bases with the same seats? thank you.

LeAnn's "Kitschy Mid Mod" Room
10/30/11 11:24 AM

love the kitchen! that retro fridge/pantry is to die for! very beautiful house. the portraits and the exposed brick are my other favorites.

Jenn's Eclectic Industrial Modern Italianate
House Tour

10/25/11 10:02 AM

i like the back view very much, but the front one is somewhat ugly, no?

What's Black and White and Colorful All Over?
dmvA Architecten

10/25/11 09:52 AM

on a side note, i'm amazed at the seven-year-old's handwriting! very adult-like.
i have two small children, so after they are done with their various routines and are finally asleep, i make myself a cup of tea and get to catch up on missed episodes of favorite shows on hulu. reading after a day of work/taking care of babes is a little too involved of a task these days. mostly though, it's just enjoying the quiet house :)))

Do You Have a Bedtime Routine?
10/25/11 09:50 AM

very impressive!

Small Space Solutions: Vanessa & Emily's Dorm Done Right
9/29/11 09:32 PM

i wanna see the whole house, too! please :) i love the colors, especially the yellow in the dining room with the blue chairs... so cheerful :)

Monica's Turn of the Century Colorful Farmhouse
House Call

9/29/11 09:42 AM

beautiful! the best of both worlds!

A Minimalist Countryside Home
Vart Nya Hem

9/27/11 08:55 AM

great idea!

Lindsay's Rocking Drum Light Fixture
Living With Lindsay

9/26/11 09:30 AM


Christiane & David's Mid-Century Modern Austin Home
House Tour

9/23/11 10:37 AM

they are all beautiful, but i wish i didn't know what went into making the intestine one...

Kobo Sin's Freakshow: When Nature Meets Design
9/22/11 04:25 PM

stunning! my favorite before and after!

Before & After: Connie's Ugly to Unbelievable Dresser
Salvage Savvy

9/22/11 09:33 AM

beautiful! i wanna buy them all!

Lisa Jones of Pigeon Toe Ceramics & Homewares
Creative People, Living Green

9/21/11 10:15 AM

i don't even know what scares me more in that pic -- the doll heads (i'm with you on the creep factor of those!) or the pepto bismol mirror frame...

Which Collections Creep You Out?
Reader Survey

9/21/11 10:11 AM

it's ok looking, but what is so uncompromisingly personal about it? white walls, no real interesting pieces of furniture or pops of color, absolutely no character. i don't get it. sorry. the cat is lovely.

Ida's Uncompromisingly Personal Parisian Apartment
House Call

9/16/11 11:15 AM

i knit. does it fall into fashion or textiles? :)

Reader Survey: What's Your Handmade Skill?
9/16/11 09:55 AM

this is awesome! i want it for myself, too, not just for the kids! :)))

Look Up For Storage Potential
9/16/11 09:50 AM

love the first pic! makes me wish i had one to liven up :)

3 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Radiator
9/15/11 02:38 PM