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Thank you, VA!!! My hubs was seriously like 2 days away from a SkyMall doggy DNA test, so this was timely ;) Other observations from Sharcockerman Labrachowzerhound land: second the multi-colored carpets. We have orientals all through our place and I'm actually kind of shocked by how little Mr. Danger Will Robinson's hair shows on them. Also, the DWR sectional was the most money we've ever spent on any possession other than a car, but it was absolutely, 150% worth it.

Decorating Around Pet Hair?
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2/2/12 08:54 PM

VA! We adopted a rescue that looks EXACTLY like Chewbacca and we have NO CLUE what he is! You mention yours is part Chow -- what else is in there?? Right now when people ask us what our dog is we say "canus familiarus" and I'd love to have a less lame answer. In other news, since we apparently have, like, the same dog -- we have the Albert Sectional from DWR in protected sierra leather and it has held up like a champ so far, so another vote on leather.

Seriously, though, what breed(s) are our dogs??!

Decorating Around Pet Hair?
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2/2/12 03:31 PM

I'm a teacher, he's an astrophysicist. We both went to grad school and have had times of "do we want to buy deoderant or shampoo this week 'cause we can't afford both" and also times of 6-figure income. If you make it about the money you make yourself crazy, ladies, because the sad statistical truth is that we still don't get paid equivalent income for doing the same jobs. Making your income your self-worth is not a happy thing.
We decided not to make it about money, but rather, number of hours worked. Get yourself a mutual online calendar (we used the cloud and iCal) and log in how you spend your day. It will be VERY clear visually whether or not the workload is even by the end of the first week. If it's not even, sit down and plan out the sched for next week together so it is even. If he doesn't come through, you sit down and have a frank conversation about how it's not 1950. If he still doesn't come through, ask yourself if you want to go through life with a partner who doesn't understand what the word "partner" means.

Home Ec.: What is Your Housework Worth?
1/27/12 12:46 PM

The "Fry, Turkey, Fry" episode of Good Eats, which can be found on YouTube, is the most comprehensive and safety-conscious set of turkey frying instructions I have ever seen. I've used the method to great effect several times, which is saying something, because I am Awkward. Watch the episode, learn from AB's evil genius, and all will be well. I know a lot of people write him off as an obsessive windbag, but trust me when I say you want his obsessive carefulness for something like this!

Help Me Learn How to Deep Fry a Turkey
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11/1/11 09:57 AM

California rolls!!

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10/4/11 09:41 AM

@Dominion: Speaking as someone who worked as a landlord for 5 years ... Shut the $*&^ UP, dude! You're making the rest of us look bad, and you really don't sound as though you like the gig, so maybe you ought to move on.

@Fellow ATers: I promise, not all of us are like that or subscribe to Dominion's callous point of view, and I'd like to apologize for his comments on behalf of all the other conscientious, honest landlords out there. We may not be in the majority, but we exist, and we value you!! I have always found design-conscious, clean, thoughtful tenants to be the very best kind. Please, keep it up.

The Top 3 Renter Complaints…and Hundreds of Solutions
8/5/11 12:19 AM