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Um. So my crew (friends) was meeting at our apartment and I headed out to get the truck. Only, I didn't realize the company didn't promise they'd have a truck when I reserved it (always read the fine print). In a mad rush, I went down the street to another company. They had one truck left, but insisted that I didn't want it. It had been highjacked weeks before during a chicken run (No I'm not kidding). I had no other option, so I took it. I don't think I've ever smelled anything so horrid in all my life. In 100 degree August heat, the stench went through you. En route to the new abode, I was in a four hour traffic jam in atunnel under the Chesapeake Bay. Heat! Dead chicken! Traffic! On the bright side, the rot of chicken made us move up and in quickly and unpack even more quickly-- the chicken smell was absorbed by the cardboard boxes. We went through bottles of Frabreeze to get the dead chicken out of the fabric of all our furniture. When we moved into our current home (we bought a house), of friends all pitched in and hired movers. All around, I have some awesome friends.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/3/11 03:56 PM