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I used to be a binge cleaner - thinking I could clean when I was "in the mood" or more often, when company was coming. The problem is it's totally inefficient, and made me feel like I lived a secret (filthy) life. My biggest revelation was learning to maintain, not just do a crazy exhausting attempt at one giant deep clean. Really clean kitchen but now it's time for dinner? Before I even start cooking, I now fill the sink with hot sudsy water so I can just drop dirtied utensils in as I finish with them. There are always a couple of blank minutes where something is simmering, baking, cooling, etc., and that's where I can do that little maintenance chore...I do a wipedown of the bathroom in the same way - maybe as my hair towel is soaking up my wet head, for instance. It's worked well for me, anyway.

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