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Hi. I work for garage door manufacturer Clopay. We sell our doors across the US and Canada through independent installing dealers and also The Home Depot. Garage door prices vary based on size, material (wood, steel, composite, or glass), insulation type, design, color (paint or stain) and whether or not you add decorative windows and hardware. Steel is the most affordable and has plenty of design and insulation options. Natural wood and composite faux wood doors are more of an investment.

You can use a free tool on the Home Depot's website to design a door and see how much it costs to purchase and install it or do-it-yourself

I compared the cost of a popular entry-level 9' x 7' steel carriage house style garage door at stores located in Ohio and in Southern California. The price difference was about $80 geographically. The cost in Ohio was $1302 installed; $1048 DIY. In California, the same door is $1382 installed, $1096 DIY.

A few things to remember - garage door openers do not come with the garage door. They are sold separately. Installation costs vary by region and also take into account any extra work that may need to be done to prep the garage for the new door installation – for example, if the existing door has lead paint, or rotten boards need to replaced, the opening needs to be reinforced, etc.

Dealers will inspect the site, confirm the measurements and give you an estimate that breaks out the door cost, opener cost and labor.

I’ve seen some comments about sticker shock. Most people only purchase a garage door once in their lifetime. They are not nearly as expensive as front doors. And if you think about it, it is the largest moving part on your house and should last at least 15+ years if you purchase a quality model.

The 2014 Remodeling Cost vs. Value report ranks garage door upgrades as one of the Top 5 value adding home improvement projects on average, nationwide. Buyers can expect to recoup up to 83.7% of the cost at resale. In the meantime, enjoy the awesome curb appeal.

More info. is available on our website at

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Heather, check out the Door Imagination System design tool on garage door manufacturer Clopay's website.
You can upload a photo of your home and "try on" different door styles to see how they look. Full disclosure: I handle PR for Clopay. We replaced garage doors on a house very similar to yours for an episode of HGTV's Curb Appeal. They also re-did the driveway and added shutters. It looks amazing. Homeowners chose wood carriage house style doors. Another option is a frosted glass and aluminum door for a more modern look. I can e-mail you before and after images if you want to see them for inspiration. My e-mail is Good luck with your project.

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