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We have a little combo lock box that is tucked up under a chair on the front porch. It does mean I have to remember the combo but it works.

Reminds me to make a spare key to my car though...

Where Do You Keep Your Spare Key?
9/27/11 03:17 PM

I bought an awesome wool J. Crew sweater once for $2...and then decided to pay the grand total of $7.50 to have it dry cleaned. I'd do the same with a wool blanket.

Question! Would You Thrift a Wool Blanket?
8/22/11 11:42 AM

*deciduous* trees are non-evergreen.

When Not to Feel Guilty About Cutting Down a Tree
8/15/11 11:28 AM

We once moved all of our things in a 10' travel trailer. But the trailer wasn't built to haul that much. So instead of packing it over again to a moving truck or bigger trailer...we wenched the trailer on to a car trailer.
I'm pretty sure Martha would have died.

Packing & Moving: The Martha Stewart Way
8/12/11 02:58 PM

Get an RF remote and it will work through your cabinet!

We're planning on getting a flat screen to hang on the wall (that will show photos most of the time) and the DVD player, cable box, etc. is all in the closest behind the TV. :-) Nice clean, no does involve putting a hold in the wall for the cords though.

Setting Up Home: Finding the Right Spot for the TV
8/5/11 11:15 AM

Where is the moose drawing from? I love it!

Michael & Paul's Inherited Nostalgia
House Tour

8/2/11 11:02 AM