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My moving horror story happened last weekend!

I just got my first job post-college and it was time to move. My mom and I spent 3 long hours in the Texas heat loading up our U-Haul and got my car hitched on in the back. We set out for our 6 hour drive from Fort Worth to NW Arkansas and after only 90 minutes, a tire on the U-Haul blew out!

Some of my boxes and furniture got shifted around (nothing too damaged luckily). We had to wait 3 hours before anyone showed up to change the tire. The nice man replaced it, but informed us that the impact of the tire explosion dented the gas tubes leading to the tank. It was pinched so tight that gas could only pass through drops at a time. It took 45 minutes just to fill up half a tank.

Needless to say, our 6 hour journey turned into 11 hours, but we made it! It's a story we will laugh about forever.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/2/11 09:43 AM