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My husband and I moved into our first place together back in June. My brother lives in the same building and we loved it so much, we had the landlord call us once a small unit opened up. We ended our leases early at our other places and immediately moved in. Now, 7 months later, I can't wait to get out. The downtown urban charm is wearing me out. The building is really old, the apartment is way too small for us and our dog, and the landlord is a pain in the ass. My husband wants to wait until our lease is up, but that doesn't stop me from checking craigslist everyday.

1. Dishwasher
2. Insulation (we have exposed brick that is very old but doesn't keep any heat in)
3. Door to the backyard
4. non-passive aggressive landlord.
5. oven that was made in the last 20 years
6. Hardwood floors that you can't see though to the basement and are not rotting away
7. No mice
8. At least four blocks away from the homeless shelter
9. At least four blocks away from train crossing
10. A bedroom (no more loft beds)
11. House, not apartment

Can you tell I really want to move?

What's On Your "Next Apartment" Checklist?
1/25/12 11:51 AM

We hired the more expensive moving company in town because we have a 100 year old piano. They promised us 3 guys and all the best equipment to move the piano up stairs and through grass. We called the day of to confirm our afternoon time slot, and they said that they would be there anytime between 3 and 10pm. The electricity company shut our power off a day early so we told them they had to get there before the sun went down. They use this as an excuse to show up at 6:00 with two guys and NO piano dolly. They planned to carry the piano up a flight of stairs with two guys. They spent 45 minutes trying to get the piano out the front door, and then gave that up and tried to go through the back door. They decided to roll the piano across the living room floor with the rusty 100-year old wheels. This horribly scratched and dented the floor making us lose our deposit. We finally get to our new apartment across town 3 1/2 hours later (we only moved 6 boxes, a bed, a TV and the piano) and they decide to back the truck up to the front porch. They left the loading ramp down and ended up backing into the front column and cracking it all the way to the top. We also found new scratches on the piano and splinters all over our mattress. We decided to hire movers to make our move less stressful, but we would have been better off buying a 24 pack and inviting our friends to help us.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/1/11 05:27 PM