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When we moved to Chicago the first time, we waited for the delivery of our stuff, but the truck was overdue by 24 hours, and then 48 hours. The third day, the dispatcher told us that there would be one further delay -- the truck driver didn't want to make the delivery because he was too ashamed, so they needed to find a different crew.

On the morning of the actual delivery, the dispatcher told us to brace ourselves; some things were missing. When they finally made the delivery, all of the electronics were gone, as was some of the furniture. And there was broken stuff all over the floor of the truck, including an antique bowl that was a gift from my husband's grandmother.

It seems that the truck broke down at a truck stop in Gary, Indiana late one night. The truck driver got drunk and passed out in his room. His assistant, who needed to get back home, broke onto the truck and sold much of our stuff and just tossed the boxes that got in his way. We lost 29 boxes of stuff and a bunch of furniture.

We had replacement value insurance, so there was that. (And we've gotten it ever since.) But the assistant never got prosecuted. We heard later -- while we were working on the claims forms -- that the truck driver died from eating bad shellfish in Florida. Which we never believed.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/1/11 05:03 PM