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Yes!, drop cloth is great stuff, and I thought I was clever when the client wanted to occupy the space for the weekend. window shades not ready. Quickie, makeshift curtain rod made of wood with nails for straight pins. The drop cloth's color and texture was a hit. Drop cloth, the perfect solution. We went with it into finish.

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8/8/11 11:06 AM

Cindy, wait! Don't stip or paint just yet. Love this desk, try scraping it down first. Leaving an open end allowing this peace to reveal its soul. I've found this technique very rewarding. If your desk truly wants to be painted or stained you'll know. Looking forward to seeing your desk in its new life.

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8/4/11 12:33 PM

Rena, Gary. Green vase incredibly powerful in this photo, love it!

Rena & Gary's Handcrafted & Reclaimed Apartment
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8/3/11 06:02 PM

Thank you Will and Jada, for the wonderful opportunity to perform our craft to our greatest abilities.

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8/3/11 04:31 PM

Fantastic post! Brought back great memories. Wonderful tips. It's so true, less is so much more. My dream room one table two chairs one piece of art natural light from above... Dishes, got over this hurtle early on. A new friend stopped in for a quick visit. As I was pouring us a glass of ice tea, she asked " so, how many people live here?" That odd question was on my mind long after she left. As I was doing the dishes, I realized nearly every dish and utensil was being washed. It did look like I was doing dishes for four people. From that day on I put my favorite one knife , one fork spoon plate glass etc. In the most convenient
place. The rest set aside for company. Today I love doing the dishes. I'm the guest that is first to step up and
get them dishes done .

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