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With one exception, I've gotten good results from making it into a joke. Like saying "I'll waive my $1,500 speakers fee, just to let you in on the secret of closing the front door..." and then go on to say that their door, stereo, tv, comings and goings are incredibly disturbing.

A newer neighbor had been coming home at 2:30 am. It got to the point that I was waking up just before they got home, it was like an alarm clock.

I finally approached one of them after a loud slam (leaving in the later morning) and the young lady had no idea.

And here's why: The rest of the long-time regulars do not slam their doors, blast their stereos/TVs, have loud late gatherings. We already learned about noise.

But, the new people, not hearing ANYTHING, assumed that we didn't hear what things they were doing.

Other joking moments I've used are asking if they are practicing wooden clog dancing. Just learning to juggle bowling balls. Stage diving from their sofa onto the floor.

A recorder could help. Play back to them what you are hearing. You can add it to the joke: "Here's where you drop all three bowling balls!!!"

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4/27/10 07:26 PM

This isn't the best example, but there are some angled ceilings in this bathroom slideshow.


Many have wainscoting, but that could be painted too. It's only to give you ideas of what happens when you paint or have different colors in different areas that have angles.

And another idea, this photo from a condo listing:

The area rug is the source of all the colors. Niches painted contrasting colors, mismatched colors on the dining chairs.

It wouldn't have to be that extreme, you could go with white, off-white, tan, gray. Remember that contrasts ARE contrasts, so that your space becomes abstract art on it's own.

I could not find an image I was looking for, but I thought of your space as being a pathway or niche in the forest. With trees covering the space, the shapes from the walls (trunks) and the sloping inward roof (branches, leaves).

Please forgive this image, but it's sort of like what I mean by a forest:

I personally might play that up with houseplants and botanical prints. Not quite so DARK as the image I found though.

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4/1/10 08:14 AM

Sharanne, a few links on refinishing:


You'll need to know what your current cabinets are finished with. They'll have to be cleaned thoroughly. Pull all the doors and the hardware. Clean the doors, the cabinets, soak the hardware in something to strip off the gunk. Same with the screws.

You'll want a level surface to paint the doors, where they can dry undisturbed. If using oil paint, you'll want ventilation.

As practice, pick up a piece of scrap wood, any kind, and try out your color in the smallest container you can buy. Paint the scrap wood. You'll get an idea on how long it will take to dry. How many coats. If you're getting brush marks, be glad you tested it out on scrap wood first (cabinets are often sprayed, not brushed).

Once that scrap is dry and has the right number of coats with a good finish, prop it up in your kitchen for a couple days. Just to get the overall feel for the color under natural daylight and artificial light at night.

That is the ONLY way of truly getting a feel for the color in YOUR home. NEVER EVER pick out a paint color just from being at the store. Unless you live in a warehouse full of fluorescent lighting, you'll have no idea what that color will look like at home.

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12/13/09 04:53 PM

More Shodo art/artists/links with pics:







This is a must-see, the image at the bottom of the man with the brush bigger than he is:

Here is some of the text:
Shodo, the art of Japanese calligraphy, reaches its fullest artistic development in Sosho (“grass script”) ideograms produced in free and hasty movements with the intention of deliberately embodying a philosophic concept in the kinesthetic action of creation.

The Japanese artist Shinichi Maruyama (b. 1968) combines Sosho calligraphy with photography in an art form referred to as Kusho (“sky writing”), capturing ink and water in mid-air at speeds of 1/7500 of a second .

I'd guess what you'd be looking for would be the "Sosho".

That was quite enjoyable to learn about. Hope it helps the OP find what they want.

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12/12/09 02:24 PM

Here's another version, the white on black, more flowing:

Do You Know the Artist? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/11/09 09:00 PM

Kind of looks like Japanese Calligraphy, similar to the large piece on the wall:

You can commission your own. Or you can check around for someone who does Japanese kanji locally.

Do You Know the Artist? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/11/09 08:58 PM

Do an image search on Google for "wood kitchen" and you'll find pages of kitchens that look a lot like yours. And they are the "after" pictures, not the befores. Full of wood colors and wood grains, custom cabinetry.

Instead of painting the cabinets, which don't appear to be worn at all (and the paint will eventually chip), consider just doing that back splash area with color. Which is cheap and you can redo yearly if you want.

Green back splash:

Blue back splash:

Red back splash:

Checker back splash:

It doesn't get much less expensive than a can of paint. And it's easily changed.

Ideas for Refreshing and Renovating this Kitchen on a Budget? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/11/09 08:25 PM

Before buying, try sitting at the table first. Seriously.

Many of the styles look great. But there's no place to put your legs. Or the chair legs.

Chairs do not scoot under the table completely.

Notice in the CB2 and the Room and Board images, sitting at the tables requires leg-spreading if you want to scoot in around the table's legs.

This means no crossing of the legs while sitting at the table, many shin bangings, possibly falling over the table leg when trying to get out, and a less-than-comfortable (and possibly revealing) arrangement for people in skirts or dresses.

I used to have a round table. I don't anymore. LOL!

Anyway, this is pretty close to the table you like, for $329.00:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Table Like This? Good Questions
10/23/09 05:51 PM

Sit down and make lists of what you actually do daily, weekly, monthly. Not your dream life, not your friend's lives, not TV lives.

Emily's comment about her husband working from home is one way to help decide. For instance, realizing that every day is "take your spouse to work" day when a person works from home. There has to be a set up for a good work space that doesn't make you feel like you're living in an office.

Questions to consider:

How often do you eat out and where?
How often do you visit stores and where?
How many vehicles do you have (if any) and where is parking available?
How is public transit?
How is safety?

Everything costs money, not just the apartment. Living farther out might mean a big apartment, but you have to drive everywhere. Living in close quarters may have parking problems, especially if you entertain often.

Parking tickets are costly. Parking garages are costly. Gas is costly.

If it's a question of him moving in with you or you moving in with him, I'd like to suggest that you find a new place for the two of you. New for BOTH of you.

You'll discover more about each others needs that way.

Sometime there will be an argument and the power play will be used of "it's MY apartment".

I noticed you said "MY favorite part of town", not OUR...

Don't forget the Wagon Wheel Coffee Table phenomenon either. ;)

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10/16/09 07:31 PM

I can't resist posting this, as it was the first thing that came up in the search:

While you might laugh at this group too, apparently they do smell like men's cologne:

Biker smells like leather. Italian Stallion smells like Tommy Hilfiger. Old Geezer like cherry pipe tobacco.

More funny and perhaps usable scents (not loading well):

Under construction:

Five men's cologne scents here:

A few more scents here:

That should be enough to try out!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Where Can I Find a Mens Cologne Scented Candle? Good Questions
10/8/09 10:03 PM

Whoa! It's like living inside a book. Like Amelia Bedelia.

It's really neat.

The pieced-together photos threw me off, and made me nauseated. Some of the Escher things do that to me too.

What a fun thing to do, and how amazing it is to see.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Charlotte Mann's Illustrated Decor
10/7/09 09:57 PM

Oops...I also want to know about the faces on the fridge. I call them "yam heads", because they are the color of yams (I love yams too).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Katarzyna's American Autumn Inspiration Room for Color - International #5
10/6/09 06:26 PM

P.S. Did everyone notice the old-time child photos updated with coordinating print frames, shown in the center photo?

If Katarzyna can tell us, were those custom made? The frames? Or store bought? They go so well with everything else.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Katarzyna's American Autumn Inspiration Room for Color - International #5
10/6/09 06:24 PM

Plenty of uses for it and ways to use it. Inexpensive frames from IKEA can be used to feature fabrics. And it doesn't have to be fabrics found at the fabric store...think thrift store!

That funky out-of-style shirt or dress or jacket can have squares harvested to feature in frames.

Likewise, consider PAPER...gift wrapping paper, hand made paper, origami paper.





Apartment Therapy Chicago | Tip: Inexpensive Wallpaper Alternative
10/6/09 06:08 PM

Rotating flaming orbs. That scares me.

"Now you can set things on fire in a 360 degree radius!"

Especially when something goes horribly wrong making the mechanism spin so fast that burning logs are flung across the room.

How does it turn anyway? Says ball bearing. No electricity? Can't turn it once it's on fire?

I don't like it. Seems kind of dangerous. And awkward. Kids, pets, furniture.

It would be GREAT for those designer type homes pictured. But for average homes, I'd pass.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Bathyscafocus Rotating Fireplace by Dominique Imbert
10/6/09 05:49 PM

Do a search for "Summer House" and you'll find all kinds of wonderful tiny things available in Europe:



Go to this page to view the whole garden buildings brochure (online or download the pdf):

Everything from small storage sheds, no taller than a bike, to buildings I'd like to have as a HOME!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Home Office in a Shed by BillyOh
10/6/09 05:21 PM

You can always try giving a nod to the color of the wood, like with an area rug:

Or bedding:

Something that has a little to a lot of golden tone in it.

I keep finding things on the Target site that say "unavailable", grrr, but this is solid gold:

Now is the PERFECT time for you to search, because the autumn items are in stores.

Orange things might work well too, like wall art:

Or this kind of light with mica style orange...

You don't always need paint to change the color of the place. You need color to change the color though, color via other objects, which light bounces off of, or light emanates from, to create a complementary color for your home.

Sometimes it's good to just keep looking while living where you are, looking for something that is more in tune with what you want, or where a landlord is generous with painting.

Make a "pros" and "cons" list of things you don't like and things you do like. Because sometimes you can end up staying in a place a lot longer than you thought you would. And if the prices go up, you could end up being stuck in that one place for a long time. Sometimes this apartment of mine feels like a prison, because I can't afford to move anywhere else (thanks to rent control). It's something worth considering.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Renter's Dilemma Good Questions
10/6/09 04:34 AM

@MansardRoof: I'd gladly give it a shot in my kitchen, as I'm near the usually dreary coast in California. I just haven't quite figured out how to sneak all new cabinets into my rental yet, and disguise the sound of the installation.

I suppose I could tell neighbors and the apartment manager that I'm building an ark in here. After all, that's what it sounds like occurs in other apartments. ;)

The biggest problem would be being over-stimulated from the intense happy color. Oh, and the cravings for hot dogs, all the time. I love hot dogs.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Katarzyna's American Autumn Inspiration Room for Color - International #5
10/5/09 09:11 PM

Stop. Sell the home to someone who loves what is already there.

Proceed to buy something that is much closer to modern, like here:

Or here:

Find something that is already what you want it to be. Or something that needs direction, NEEDS the cabinet work, NEEDS lighting work, etc.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Paint These Cabinets for More Modern Look? Good Question
10/5/09 08:02 PM

What a delightful kitchen! Unexpected brilliant wall color. Tempered with the sleek, dark cabinets and white countertops and refrigerator. I dig the positive/negative effect of the range top's dark against the white counter top, and the oven's white face against the dark cabinets.

LOVE the retro wallpaper border, that adds FUN to the kitchen. Reminds me of coffee at diners and fountain drinks in the afternoon (as shown in movies, LOL), Sunday afternoon movies or drive-ins. And I like the striped blind and towels.

Very nice, very happy place to be!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Katarzyna's American Autumn Inspiration Room for Color - International #5
10/5/09 05:44 PM