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@yespositively - that chair was an estate sale find. I recovered the seat with fabric I bought (from daisyjanie) on etsy.

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8/14/09 07:45 PM

@ thatmegirl: a not-very-good photo of one of the nightstands:

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Jennifer's Inner Sunset Retreat House Tour
8/14/09 11:04 AM

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!

@orchidday - I bought the vanity at a now-defunct store called "Present Past" which used to be on Irving Street. I haven't done anything to it but cover the seat in the striped fabric. I use it as a writing desk.

@honeybee22 - I made the pillows myself, using a Thomas Paul fabric I bought at Calico Corners (of all places).

@sassydo - The doorknobs were too difficult to remove, so I just left them on. I'm not much of a perfectionist.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Jennifer's Inner Sunset Retreat House Tour
8/13/09 07:30 PM

Thanks for all the comments! @ saraesc - I do read there. I have an ottoman that makes sitting in the chair for long periods of time quite comfortable. It moves to different areas in the room, along with my reading lamp, depending on what area I'm working in.

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7/14/09 04:17 PM

I've lived in a second-floor flat right along the N Judah lines for 11 years. No double-paned windows, hardwood floors... you do get used to it pretty quickly so that it just becomes background noise.

The sound of people leaving the neighborhood bars at 2 am does still wake me up on occasion. Go figure.

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10/2/08 12:17 PM

I have that duck!

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9/24/08 06:27 AM

Donuts - the fancy kind.

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9/23/08 08:32 AM

A super-fancy quilt!

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8/9/08 07:59 AM

Yes to both. As long as people are around, though, he "asks" to be let on either by sitting on the floor and staring at you (tail wagging at all times). I've got a throw on the couch, which gets washed regularly. And I'm sure he spends his day on the couch or on my bed - when I come home, he's created warm little nests on both.

I also vacuum (using my Dyson Animal) at least twice a week. For an 18 lb guy, my dog sure sheds a lot!

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8/6/08 12:55 PM

me me me!

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7/10/08 09:17 AM

I second chicago_chic - the Inner Sunset rocks! There are lots of good produce markets, an Andronico's nearby, a 20 minute commute to the Financial District, City CarShare pods everywhere, and a nice vibe without being a scene. The weather can suck - especially in the summer - but a walk to Cole Valley or the Haight can remedy that.

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6/12/08 07:18 PM

I love it. My dog would love it. I'd put it in my studio, next to my built-in book shelves.

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5/29/08 09:59 AM

Me me me! Horizon 10, please.

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5/22/08 08:06 PM

Another great community garden is the Inner Sunset Community Garden! I've posted about it here:

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3/11/08 09:24 AM

Shari, I think it's Antique Silver, from Kelly-Moore (my living room walls are the same color)

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3/3/08 02:11 PM