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Lighten up spinsters-- I'm sure there's a man out there for each and every last grumpy one of you.

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Women Living On Their Own
7/8/14 02:01 PM

What a shock to find the comments section of this post full of a bunch of belly aching wonks! It's too dangerous to have a tree house! You'll kill the poor tree! And the children! And if the children and trees weren't enough.... just think about what you're doing to the poor Gypsies?! Hahahaha! By the way, if you ever post an article about tree houses that obliquely references people of Jewish descent (also a historically peripatetic community)-- it's important to note that my people didn't pick the word Jew-- it originated in Medieval France. On behalf of all my people, I'm requesting that you call us Yehudim. That's the word we picked. Thanks for your time.

How To Build a Treehouse Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/7/14 07:57 PM

Having lived with three women over the past 15 years of my adult life, I can tell you that the stereotype of adult women being cleaner than men, and more oriented towards cleaning/organization, is a myth, or at least an exaggerated phenomenon. I doubt I lived with the only three exceptions to the rule. Two of them were waaaay sloppier than myself, and one is about the same. We all grew up with housekeepers. I guess if you want a tidy home, you have to pick a guy or gal who didn't have a housekeeper growing up. Or agree to hire one halvsies.

The Battle of the Sexes Continues: Does It All Come Down to The Dishes?
12/18/13 02:17 PM

This is a great idea. When I go to parties, I'm always like, "I want to have some of this. It definitely 'looks' like fruit salad, but how can I really be 100% sure?"

Food Label Ideas for Easier Entertaining
11/19/13 02:46 PM

I'm a paint hater when the finish of the original piece is salvageable, but this dresser was funky, and you made it nice. So I like it.

Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser
10/29/13 11:12 AM

It looks like a dignified old lady who fell asleep in her chair by the window... and someone took 5 minutes to apply clown makeup all over her face.

Before & After: An Old Chest Gets a Big Change
10/12/13 01:43 AM

I think it's fun and hipster-y. It's not a lifestyle choice, it's a funny little life-hack for a year. Bfd? I was playing 8-bit Nintendo NES 4 hours a day in 1986. They're a little cross-genre in what they're seeking out to do, but so what? Good on ya weirdos-- stay blind to the haters!

Family Decides to Only Use Pre-1986 Technology
9/15/13 09:55 PM

Regift it to your 13 year old nephew. Or let your boyfriend have at least one room in the house to be "his" to decorate, so he can put up weird Dungeons and Dragons themed decor with generous amounts of fantasy side-boob in them. Putting it up above the crapper is the last option, so at least your nephew can have private time with it when he visits.

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/25/13 11:51 AM

The biggest wedding etiquette rule is this: you should only get ONE. I have numerous friends for whom I have purchased two, even three, different shower and wedding gifts... because they've had two, even three, weddings. Seriously? But it's cool, cuz I always received a prompt thank you note. I'm glad we're all focused on the big picture.

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/11/13 08:24 PM

"I hate this!" "I hate that!" Today's new, innovative idea is tomorrow's trend, and next week's "hackneyed cliche". If y'all don't constantly turn over your home furnishings, you'll be the proud owners of tomorrow's trite, overdone decor trope. Most people, even in America, (and likely most of you!) can't afford to stay on the "cutting edge" of home furnishing into perpetuity! That's why, when you walk into most peoples' homes, you're just lucky if their stuff even kind of coordinates, let alone is on the hip, avant garde cutting edge of spatial consummation!! I hate Chevrons, I hate Saarinen tables, I hate empty picture frames, I hate granite, I hate Crate and Barrel, I hate Pottery Barn, I hate mirrored furniture, I hate MCM, I hate Barcelona Chairs, I hate Room and Board, I hate Organic Modernism, I hate Tuscan decor, I hate wall decals, I hate travertine, I hate granite counters, I hate fluffed throw pillows.... just sit there on your funky threadbare Craigslist curb alert "find" and lighten up!!

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/25/12 12:44 AM

Good Lord, this guy's a God. Seriously, the bar for fatherhood-- parenthood even-- should not be set this high. People who are this unbelievably cool and talented just make people like me take a figurative look in the mirror and say, "Wow, you're disappointing, aren't you?" So hat's off to Jim for making me feel inadequate in almost every way :-D Seriously though-- what an incredible childhood he's providing for his kids!!! I'm super impressed.

Meet Jim Griffioen of Sweet Juniper Big Blog Family
6/21/12 02:44 PM

And..... let the sexual harassment begin. It's like the Earth reversing its poles every Eon-- do all y'all predatory women smack your male secretaries on the bum every morning and call him "sweetie"? I feel bad for the average looking dudes who submit their apartments/homes to this site and get ignored. How many decades will Western men have to deal with sexual harassment-- ballpark? Is it an eye-for-an-eye kind of thing where the score will be settled in 30 thousand years? Just don't get mad when I start ogling the cute young "chicks" who get featured in home tours-- talking about how I'd like to make her breakfast the morning after on her retro Big Chill range, or how my clothes would look good strewn about her Flokati rug, or how I can't wait to see my size 11's tucked under her Case Study Bed. Game on, ladies... Game on!

Yigit Pura's Modern Condo In The City
House Tour

3/16/12 04:07 PM

Celesta, Do you happen to know the manufacturer / name of the area rug you got from Home Depot? I like it a lot, but I can't seem to find it among Home Depot's current inventory... Very cute home :-)

Celesta & Sean's Eclectic (Fun!) First Home
House Tour

2/27/12 01:08 AM

A little too reminiscent of that show "Hoarders". If I came to pick up someone for a date and their patio looked like this, I'd be concerned. OCD? I'd be watching how much they drank, how often they washed their hands, ask if they considered themselves a "collector", see if I could time how long they spent in the shower, how many times they unlocked the latch before finally opening the front door. I'd be waiting for the other shoe to drop... Ha!

KD's Pocket Paradise
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #2

8/10/11 05:06 PM

On the same subject, quit asking me to pick you up and/or drop you off at the airport. Hire a service for $50, or pay $10 a day for parking, cheap-o. Good Lord.

Moving: How to Get Friends to Help
8/5/11 07:07 PM

Yup- move yourself by yourself. If you can't, and you're a woman, use your boyfriend. That's what he's for. If you can't and you're a guy, 1) admit that you're a wuss, and 2) hire a mover. I have moved households 7 times in 10 years and have never stolen my friends' hard-earned weekend by being a cheapskate.

Moving: How to Get Friends to Help
8/5/11 07:01 PM

I was unable to find square footage statistics for OVERALL home size, but I was able to locate statistics ranking countries by room count. From largest number of rooms to smallest, they rank as follows: 1) Canada, 2)New Zeland, 3) UK, 4) USA, 5) Australia, 6) Ireland, 7) Norway, 8) Netherlands, 9) Germany, 10) Italy, 11) France, 12) Belgium, 13) Japan, 14) Denmark, 15) Switzerland, 16) Sweden, 17) Austria, 18) Finland. So Canadians, Kiwis, and Brits all have more rooms in their homes than Americans. The average American home built in the 50's was 800sf. The average American home built in the 70's was 1400sf. In the 2000's it rose to 2400sf. But it's falling again. America is not alone in having more rooms than we need. The Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, and Canadians all average about 2.6 people per house, yet the vast majority of their houses have over 5 rooms.

Average Home Sizes Around the World
7/31/11 02:45 AM