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It's not a design decision I made, as this was in an apartment I rented for 1 lease term... The dishwasher opened in front of the sink, and only gave me about 6 inches to stand between the door and the bar counter, so I had to lean over sideways to do the dishes if I wanted to put them in the dishwasher. It was also right below the most convenient cabinet for my plates and cups, so I would have to take everything out and put it on the counter before putting it away.

Since then, I've paid very special attention to the placement of dishwashers in kitchens before renting.

Tell Us: What's Your Biggest Kitchen Design Mistake?
12/10/13 12:58 PM

It's actually kind of insulting to see this under "Budget Living."

Most people on a budget aren't selling a $400 device that can't be more than a year old just to upgrade for the same thing with a few more bells and whistles.

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3/18/12 03:02 AM

I actually just went to Ikea today. I live about 25 minutes from a really nice one, and go pretty often.

I'm in a transitional phase of my adulthood, and live in a tiny 600sqf apartment, so Ikea is great for me. I'd love to have expensive furniture that'll last me the rest of my life, but my taste in furniture is fickle and my wallet is a bit tight.

When I got my own apartment, I needed a bed. I got a mattress, bedframe and all the bedding for under $500. I love the mattress and bedding, and I'm okay with the fact that I spent $70 on a frame that I won't keep for more than a year or two. It was either that or keep my mattress on the floor.

Now that I have all my basic furniture (computer desk, office chair, bookcase, coffee table, end tables, TV stand, a ton of kitchen essentials) for less than the cost of a designer sofa, I go back for the little decorative things, and to slowly replace my old big pieces that were handed down from my family.

The IKEA Habit: Need vs. Want
7/30/11 08:50 PM