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I second the idea to use the heatproof silicone mitt for lifting the jars out. That has worked very well for us.

It's easy to feel confident about the seals of the jars - you can hear them "ping!" when they seal. Also, if you press down on the middle of the top and it doesn't pop down, then you know it's sealed.

Small-Batch Canning: Making Cherry Preserves | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/11/10 11:37 AM

HeyNowTex - I haven't ever tried these either but I have a lot of linen around my house and in my closet and it gets softer and softer as you wash and dry it so my guess is these towels would do the same. Linen is also very strong so it can stand up to repeated washings.

Thank you so much for these links, Susie - I would have never known about the Turkish towels (even though I already had LinenMe bookmarked on Etsy - I just had never paid attention to the towels).

Etsy Finds: Affordable, High-Quality Linens for the Bath | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/2/10 02:32 PM

I am a committed reader of Jared's blog - his knitting is wonderful, his writing is evocative and his photography is outstanding. Glad you featured him. If you are interested in looking at his book, I hope that some of you might consider looking for it at an independent yarn shop - many of them have excellent book selections.

Apartment Therapy New York | Knits with Sense of Place by Jared Flood
10/13/09 09:29 PM

One episode of cream of asparagus soup all over my kitchen walls led me to our immersion blender - it's an old tan Braun with no attachments (except a bowl which I don't use) and a wall holder (storage problem solved) which I've now had for 25 years - same as my marriage! I have talked strangers into buying them at garage sales, I think they're so great. I use mine for soup, primarily, but also for refried beans - it makes a great consistency. I never thought about some of these other uses - great ideas. Ice, really?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: How Do You Puree Soups?
2/19/09 12:19 AM

I agree - it was a great issue! I've already made the zucchini stuffed with pistou - they're cooling on the hoosier right now and look gorgeous. I'll serve it at room temp this evening (I wanted to make it in the morning before the day and house heated up too much). I had the zucchini from this weekend's farmer's market, collected basil and other herbs from the backyard and substituted hazelnuts because I'm out of pine nuts. I made it in the toaster oven, again to avoid heating up the whole house, and that worked just fine. I just took a bite (only so that I could report honestly) and WOW. I can't wait to try the other recipes from that article.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Times Top 5: Cold, Cold, Cold! (Oh, Stuffed Chard Too)From the NY Times Dining Section 08.06.08
8/6/08 10:42 AM

In NY: The transit museum in downtown Brooklyn is a must, especially if your group includes kids or subway fans. I still miss the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens ten years after moving away - the lilacs, wisteria, lily ponds, children's gardens, all wonderful.

In SF: I was surprised that Zeum wasn't on the list. On visits, my kids have loved creating claymation movies at this arts/technology wonderland.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Getaway in Your Own City!
8/4/08 10:24 AM

I appreciate these tips! I didn't know about the minus signs and all but I have found, when browsing randomly, that "primitive" and "rustic" yield some interesting stuff.

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Search on CraigslistBoston
7/12/08 08:46 AM

I have a recommendation but it's really old and it is SO not about how the kitchen looks. Instead, it's about how the kitchen works and how you can design a kitchen to support good, sustainable, healthy eating and living. The book is called Smart Kitchen by David Goldbeck. It's got no color pics, just funky, hippy drawings. But, I have used the organization ideas in it for years as I've made small changes to my kitchen (I, too, unfortunately, am many years away from the remodel of my dreams). I highly recommend this off-beat book.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: Good Books on Kitchen Design?
4/22/08 07:54 AM

We made space on the countertop when I finally got a KitchenAid (the cheapest,white version). There's no question that it inspires not only me but also the teens to get into the kitchen a little bit more often. Cookie recipes doubled are no problem, mashed potatoes are a great texture and whipping cream is no longer a cause for anxiety.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Survey: What Kind of Stand Mixer Do You Have?
4/21/08 09:30 AM

I was late to this thread which led to a thrilling, dramatic reading experience. The fireplace is saved! I rarely see this happen, but it would be so great if you'd send in after pics as a fitting post-script.

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4/10/08 02:30 PM

Emma! We miss you in Portland but are so happy to find you here at this always enjoyable site. - Regina

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3/3/08 11:07 AM