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How about the Thonet #14 or prague chair? I think they would be a nice mix between the very heavy traditional wood, and the vibrant kilm rug.
Also- have you thought about changing your drapery panels to something a bit more substantial? The sheers feel too light weight against everything else. Pick up the colors from your rug- like that nice cranberry red color.

Dining Chair Suggestions for Inherited Carved Wood Table? Good Questions
10/26/12 04:18 PM

I think both ways are fine, it all depends on the child.
I was one of the youngest in my class, with a November Birthday. The only times I really noticed how much younger I was were at the big milestone birthdays: I was the last to get my driver's license, the last one to get into the bars/ buy alcohol. But other than that there were no differences between me and my classmates.
My husband on the other hand, was in the same class as me- but is nearly 2 years older. He went in to kindergarten as the oldest and then repeated it. He had ADHD, and it was the best thing for him. He fit right in with our class.

Back to School Considerations: Redshirting
8/24/12 11:13 AM

Young people are not buying homes because they can not afford to save for a down payment. Between inflated rent, student loans, medical insurance ( because most companies don't offer what they used to!)...who can save any money?
My husband and I were very lucky, my parents were able to give us a nice down payment, and now we have a mortgage that is much less than we were paying in rent.Yes we now have maintenance costs and property taxes, but long term we are better off. We still don't have a savings account, but we get by, pay all our bills and we have a place to call our own. We feel very blessed.
We have a number of friends who were also given this wonderful gift.....but we do not know one person, whose parents can not help them, who owns a home or is even thinking about buying. At 31-35 years old, most of them still see home ownership as a dream that is still 5-10 years out.

Why Do We Buy?
The Changing Face of Ownership

8/10/12 09:30 AM

I am a buyer for a Decorating Company and we try to have as many environmentally friendly options as possible for our clients, there are a lot out there....but you are going to have trouble finding a sofa with down/wool on both body and cushions.
There are many companies who use Bio-hybrid foam as well as Latex cushions. Also keep in mind that even if a sofa cushion is labeled as down, it may be a blend with foam and batting.
Also, there are so many other issues to be concerned with beyond the flame retardants. A vendor who does not use those chemicals, may be cutting "Green" corners elsewhere.

Check out these furniture Industry websites for more info on the regulations and certifications:

I can personally attest for Kincaid Furniture- the only vendor to attain the tough Eco3Home certification. Although they do not use down fills on the sofa body, and the cushions are a down "blend", I have physically toured their factory in NC and can tell you that they are doing things right and are committed to providing safe and healthy furniture.

Sources for Wool-Stuffed Furniture? Good Questions
7/9/12 04:42 PM

There are many that were left off the list, here are a few I know off the top of my head:
Kincaid Furniture
Comfort Design
The Custom Shoppe
Thief River Linens
Hunter Douglas
The Natural Light
Windward Designs

Born in the USA:
Best American Made Furnishings

7/5/12 01:56 PM

I grew up in a small rural town in CT that had no stores...not even a stop light! The town is full of creative people who respect the beautiful nature surrounding them and many are artists. But within a 20 minute drive we could be shopping to our hearts content at a mall, a string of big box stores or a downtown with quaint little shops...and in a little over an hour we could be in NYC.

Although I know that there are many people who have to drive several hours to go shopping ( my sister now lives in Colorado and is one of them), I hate this misconception that you have to live in the middle of nowhere for small town life.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 01:09 PM

Our 1960's ranch does not have central air, but living in New England we do need a window unit sometimes. We have a fairly shaded yard, so we keep the house closed up during the day when we are at work- it usually stays cool enough for our dogs to be perfectly happy with just a couple fans blowing on their favorite sleeping spots- and its still comfortable when we come home. At night we have a window unit that gets turned on in the bedroom to be able to sleep comfortably.....but only when the temps rise above 85...otherwise its a fan.

On, Off or In Between? Air Conditioning
7/2/12 05:03 PM

Living in new England, we definitely have those hot, hazy, humid summer days that make being in the kitchen unbearable! Cold Soups like Gazpacho- all you need is your food processor, with a big slice of baguette. Sometimes, Ill make a grilled cheese to go with it - but I use my Panini press grill instead of the stove, which omits a lot less heat.
Salads are a must- Caprese is a summer staple ( tomatoes, basil, mozzarella), watermelon and feta salad, corn and black bean salad.
We have also been known to just go up the road to the local Creamery and get a big Ice cream sunday for dinner!

Too Hot to Eat, Cook or Think Weekend Meditation
6/18/12 02:03 PM

Definitely put the TV over the fireplace. It will give the room one focal point- right now you have 2 and I'm guessing you look at the TV more than the fireplace. If you put the TV in the corner it would looked squished. Put the TV component there in a nice concealed bookcase. Also you can bring in your second sofa onto either wall, and place the mirror from the fireplace above it- then since the wall is long, flank the mirror with 2 sconces for added ambient light. On the opposite wall with one chair ( get rid of the other ones, its too cluttered- if your 2nd sofa is leather keep the fabric chair, if the 2nd sofa is fabric, keep the leather chair) have that piece of art next to the chair - on the other side of the chair have an end table with a lamp. Also- get new drapery panels that are a solid darker color to contrast the walls.

Ideas for Arranging Two Sofas? Good Questions
5/18/12 08:37 AM

Sadly, in CT you still can't buy wine at the grocery store!! But I used to live in CA and we would always buy Trader Joe's " two buck chuck" don't remember the exact name but it was a TJ's brand red and it was only $2.99! Not great- but it went great with a big bowl of Bolognese!

7 Budget-Friendly Spring Wines from the Trader Joe's Wine Shop
4/26/12 09:09 AM

300 square feet in San Francisco. I was 25, it was 1 main room, with a tiny bath, a 4x5 walk in closet and a galley kitchen. I loved it, and it was perfect for just me....but I could not do it now with a husband and 2 dogs! I like my 1600 sq. ft ranch house. My sister lives a very nomadic lifestyle in Colorado- she rents a single room during the winter, but camps all summer long. If it doesn't fit in her pick-up truck- she doesn't need it.

How Small is the Smallest Space You've Ever Called Home? Reader Survey
4/10/12 02:22 PM

Register for things that fit your lifestyle. My husband and I both love to cook and entertain- but we are not fancy entertainers. I did not want China. We got basic white- perfectly nice Pottery barn plates, cups, bowls that work great for everything from everyday meals to Holiday entertaining. We also got some nice kitchen gadgets- Kitchen aid mixer, Cuisinart food processor, slow cooker, wine fridge. But that's about it for kitchen stuff.
We had just bought a house, so we registered on sites like Anthropologie and Viva terra for fun household decor, and guests told me they enjoyed picking out those more interesting items that you don't see on every registry!

Wedding Wish List: What's Your Best Registry Advice?
4/6/12 02:29 PM

Can you place anything on the Sunroom wall? Keep 2 peices where they are and then swing 2 peices over to the sunroom side of the room.

How To Arrange Couch for Party?
Good Questions

12/13/11 08:19 AM

As a Decorator and Product Merchandiser, I dont get to use them in other peoples homes as much as I would like, but in my own home, I Love Natural Curiosities!! Natural and found objects are the main theme on the Mantle over my fireplace. I have a Cow Skull, a mason jar filled with feathers found in the woods, Large Agate peices, Hand carved and found wood sculptures, and an antique Iron ( found at an abandoned house in the woods) as a book end.
Friends always comment on how they love the "Homey" and personal feel.

Natural Curiosities Decor: Some Call it Weird I Call it Cool
11/18/11 09:23 AM

How I miss Domino!! These 10 points are the recipe for a comfortable, lived in home......and I checked off Yes, to every one of them in my home.

Domino's Deborah Needleman on "10 Elements of Style"
10/19/11 10:34 AM

I personally would not put anything on the windows, but would make the wall pop with a bright accent color and some great art.

If you must have something on the windows, what about a simple swag over each of the 4 windows, with a single Jabot cascading down on the outside edge of each. You could easily do this yourself with inexpensive hardware and some hemmed fabric.

Seventeen-Foot Curtains in My Living Room?
Good Questions

10/17/11 02:22 PM

High end furniture stores often have a scratch & dent collection hidden somewhere in the back. Dont be afraid to ask. I went to one store that had a goldmine in their basement, but you had to ask, they werent advertising it.

Also, www.worldmarket.com has fantastic things for cheap!

Where to Start for All New Furniture?
Good Questions

10/11/11 04:21 PM

I would do a Sofa Bed. Put it on the wall opposite the kitchen/bath and then put a storage ottoman on wheels in front of it. You can roll it out of the way when the bed is open, use it for storage of your comforter & sheets, you can put a tray on top when you want to use it as a coffee table and you can use it as extra seating when you have friends over!
American Leather, though slightly expensive, makes the most comfortable mattress, its a high density foam! Beleive it or not, you dont feel the metal bars underneath you! ....and they are 100% made in america!

Where To Put Bed in Studio Apartment?
Good Questions

10/11/11 10:38 AM

My mother always had a small table lamp on our kitchen Island. It gave such a warm glow to the room, and was always the last light left on at night.

Design Idea: Table Lamp in the Kitchen
10/7/11 09:11 AM

Definetly go to Etsy- the best resource for decals.

Source for this Tree Decal?
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9/30/11 04:38 PM