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Why would you forget how your brakes work? This is a perfect daily commuter for NY and similar cities - I ride a similar style bike 20 miles round trip, to and from work, each day. A seat post rack holds a small bag with my work clothes and other personal items. The bike is properly fitted to my size, so it's quite comfortable and, it's NY, so grocery shopping is done on foot, at any of the many grocery stores within a 5 block radius of my apt. I guess in a more spread-out city you might want one of those 30-lb Dutch behemoth bicycles with all the heavy racks and boxes for groceries and what-not, but definitely not for me.

BIKEID Track Model
7/25/14 10:27 AM

Look for discounted floor models when new models are introduced at the end of the year. I got a previous year's incarnation of the Bertazonni shown above for about half the retail price.

Bertazzoni Pro Series 36\" 6-Burner, Gas Oven
7/15/14 10:54 AM


Living with Roommates (Just for the Fun of It)
7/11/14 01:34 PM

I picked some up on a trip to Spain - still available, there. :)

Is IKEA's Asker Pot Discontinued and is there a Good Replacement? Good Questions
7/11/14 11:51 AM

Correct. That's an Ikea Tirup. They sometimes pop up on Ebay or Craigslist, almost always mislabeled as vintage MCM pieces and almost always impossibly overpriced.

Where Can I Find a Similar Swivel Chair? Good Questions
7/9/14 09:43 AM

Yup. I do it all the time at our beach house and sometimes, by accident in our NYC apartment. My family in DC always sleeps with doors and windows open, as well. Life is too short to worry so much.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 09:23 AM

Why is there a "see photo above" parenthetical after the description of the pump in the front yard? The only photo I see is one of a faucet in a perfectly lovely kitchen. I don't get it.

Renovation Revelation: A Newfound Appreciation For Running Water
6/18/14 05:14 PM

Ugh. Wear headphones, please.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers for Beach Summer Jams
6/18/14 05:12 PM


Best City Bikes & Easy Rides 2014 Annual Guide
6/6/14 10:05 AM

I've never had cable. I have a landline with basic telephone services and DSL - comes out to about $50 a month, including taxes, etc. A Roku player and a digital TV antenna serve me well.

Tell Us: How Do You Save Money on TV & Internet
6/5/14 10:39 AM

It's awful, but not as bad as my first apartment in NYC, where all of the walls and ceiling were textured like that. It was like living in a bat cave. Large artwork is the only way to mask it.

How Can I Hide Horrible Texture on Focal Wall? Good Questions
6/2/14 01:15 PM

So, why bother to comment at all?

Tips for Choosing the Best Beers for a Party, Plus 5 Favorite Picks Tapped In
5/30/14 09:40 AM

I've tried both bikes and have to say, I'm not a fan of either. I found them both way too heavy for my liking. I ended up going with a Bianchi San Jose (sadly, no longer manufactured) which, even with only one speed, is far easier to get up hills because it's so much lighter. Also makes it easier to carry up and down stairs.

Linus Dutchi 8 & Public C7i: 2 Great City Bikes Under $1000 Test Lab Review
5/30/14 09:35 AM

No concrete pad under the garage? Just a dirt floor?

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Garage Goes Up (Mostly) Renovation Diary
5/29/14 03:14 PM

About $1.50/square foot, but that was more than 10 years ago...

How Much Did It Cost To Restore or Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?
5/27/14 10:18 AM

What a nightmare - taking a break sounds like the right move.

On another note, I'm enjoying the Australian vocabulary lesson - I had to look up "dunny" and without the picture, I never would have known what a "skip bin" was.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: Demolition Begins Renovation Diary
5/22/14 04:34 PM

They look like cheap hollow-core doors to me, but maybe it's just the photos. I'd paint them all until I could replace them, but I hate that yellow-toned wood color. Do what works for you - if you love them, preserve the wood look. If you don't, paint them.

Should I Restore 40s Maple Doors or Paint? Good Questions
5/22/14 10:53 AM

Jonathan Adler warehouse sale. $50 for a 11x13 wool rug that normally retails for $3,000. It was dirty, but after a $150 professional cleaning, it looks like new.

Tell Us: What's Your Best Bargain Find?
5/21/14 03:05 PM

Around $2,000 on a pillow-top inner spring mattress from Macy's. Five years later, it's still pretty comfortable, but has dips on both sides...time for a new mattress. I think we're going for the Tempurpedic this time.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Mattress?
5/20/14 04:31 PM

Not a fan of what Restoration Hardware has become. 10 years ago I used to go to their Flatiron store for hard-to-find decorative hardware pieces. Now, it's all gigantic, overpriced furniture that looks like it was upholstered with old burlap sacks.

Why The Huge Catalog?
And How Restoration Hardware is Becoming The Ikea of Luxury Furnishings

5/19/14 03:25 PM