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I guess you were a home birth, without medical assistance, and homeschooled too? Or is it OK that other people paid taxes for you?

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Women Living On Their Own
7/3/14 05:12 PM

The plastic bucket part makes it really look cheap. A metal bucket would be nicer. But of course not as easy to cut.

DIY Home Decor: Make These Stylish Side Tables Out of Old Paint Buckets & Plywood Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorials
6/22/14 09:05 AM

I'm a single mom of two teenagers. In my last 19th century house with 5 levels, my kids had the two top levels: an attic room (with roof window), a large room on the floor below, a main room (where stairs to attic room were) with a fridge, sink, stove, tv, ... and a showerroom. I slept on the floor below, a very large bedroom facing the street, with a guest room next to mine. In my country house that I bought 4 years ago, there is one level with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The first bedroom is facing the street and also across from the entrance. It is a small bedroom. But the big bay window opens on what was once a balcony... I just put two wooden beams across the window frames on the outside. BUt since I installed new windows that is gone. Now there is no protection. My room is above my workshop. It has a permanent mosquito net, the only protection. But obviously I was not going to give this room to my teenagers. My daughter got the master bedroom. She needs space for her desk, etc. My son at the time shared the office with me for his studies, as to have less distraction of the fun stuff in his bedroom. In the mean time he has a desk in his small bedroom. As someone else remarked, they have to pass by my room to go anywhere (but the bathroom, which is next to mine). So no sneaking in or out. Also, I do nothing else but sleep in my room. They study, pass a lot of time there. So why should I claim the biggest room?

How Did You Decide Who Gets Which Bedroom?
6/11/14 08:27 AM

I agree with you. This is the third house I won & renovate. First with my ex, second on my own, a huge renovation of an 18th century house in Brussels. I owned it for 5 years, and for 5 years every € extra I had went into that house. I sold without a loss. But if I think of all the energy, the time, the stress I put in it. Stupidly, I bought a renovation project again, in the country side this time. Even though I wanted to invest (cash, no mortgage) in a 2-bedroom apartment in Brussels and rent for now in the country. My mother put me under so much stress (long story, toxic controlling mother) that I ended up buying this house. A bad investment with lots of problems (like having to waterproof the basement - 8000€ !!!), in a village where property prices do not rise, and there is a risk of flooding in the area I live (that the city hall did not inform me of, nor the former owner!). The added stress of always renovating, whenever I have some money available. And this whilst I was planning a mortgage free life and enjoy some travels with my teenagers. I will never be able to sell with a profit, if I recuperate my investment I will be happy. I cannot wait to move, and as soon as I can recuperate my money, I will. I know one thing for sure: never a mortgage again. If I cannot pay cash, I am not buying anymore. And I will never again let anyone influence me in my financial decisions.

Renting vs. Owning in the Digital Age
5/18/14 06:13 PM

I agree with all but nr 4. The trash must go! However, living in a country where you have to sort your trash, this means I have to store everything for at least 2 weeks up to a month. Paper, PMD, plastic, compostable goes in my garden :) (no smell and no larvae in the summer), glass, and the rest of the stuff (which can get quite smelly in the summer, imagine fish left over for 2 weeks in a garbage bag! larvae guaranteed). But no one crawls over my floors anymore, thankfully, so the spot mopping is practiced here!

5 Chores You Can Skip When You're Busy
5/11/14 03:04 PM

Same here! I love flowers in my lawn: dandelions, daisies,... However I am starting to have a problem with thistles. I keep on pulling them out, and they keep on popping up! It is a major pest.

How To Get Rid of Dandelion Weeds Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/7/14 04:41 PM

Metal tins are definitely no good. The only thing that is guaranteed are glass jars with a rubber band that you use to sterilize and are closed with a metal clasp. These jars are closed air-tight, nothing can get in between. Screw on lids are no good. Those moths get in between... Tupperware is not that tight. There is still room to wriggle in between the lid and the container. A sterilization jar that is closed on a rubber seal with a metal clasp, nothing gets in between. I had a serious problem in my house in the South of France, and this is the only way I got rid of them. And managed to keep them out forever after. All those herbs in my cupboards never helped. Ziplock bags don't help neither (seriously, I tried it all) This is the only type of jar that works: - with the rubber seal of course!

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

5/7/14 04:14 PM

Thanks for this useful information. I am re-doing some old wooden chairs (that I got for free) and was wondering if I would add padded seating or not. I'm 48, I have lower back and neck problems, so I have learned that sitting in a good position is important. I realize it won't get any easier with age. I'll leave that old, but beautifully painted, bench where it is, in the corridor. It's a nice shelf! I can always use it when I have a group of teenagers visiting. It is a bit unfortunate when people prefer a designer look to comfort.

Break the Ice: 8 Tips for Creating a Chattier, Cozier, Comfier Living Room
3/16/14 03:09 PM

I agree, this is the sweetest story!

10 Easy-to-Find Secondhand Staples
(and How To DIY These Thrift Store Finds)

3/16/14 02:26 PM

Once in a blue moon, dishwasher and laundry soap is half price (the brand stuff!), so I stock up for a whole year. Any promo of things I need that is 25% off, I stock up on. Tinned tomatoes, pasta, toilet paper, tinned corn, shampoo, ... I have 3 rooms in my basement, one is purely for storage. I'm more worried about the other stuff that I have gathered over the years and that is not consumable.

Store It At the Store: How to Curtail Your Urge to Stock Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/15/14 03:44 PM

I've lived in the city and in the country side. Of course the silence can be bliss. But even in the city I slept with my windows open. I adjust. No sound apps necessary, just a good bed!

Will You Ever Adjust to City Noise? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/12/14 04:29 PM

Privacy issues: I have two luxurious red velvet curtains that I close at night in front of entrance door and the same size window next to it. It looks fabulous! And no one can see me walking in my pijamas from my bedroom to the bathroom past the entrance hall. During the day the sun shines in. It's lovely.

Renovation Inspiration: Doors that Let Sunlight In Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/6/14 03:14 PM

Same here: can't be bothered to click on all the links if I don't even get a preview. Articles enough with pictures!!! Seems like someone wasted their time writing this.

50+ DIY Projects for Your Entryway
2/27/14 10:04 AM

I have quite a few cast iron pans & pots. Some enameled, some not. Some brands like Le Creuset, others no brand. I have an Ikea cast iron skillet that I use quite often. And it is perfectly seasoned. A few people make remarks about made in China cast iron being poisonous. But then I read elsewhere that even The Lodge imports cast iron from China... I don't know anymore. But I do know that I don't want Tefal coating anymore!!!

The Complete Guide to Buying, Cleaning & Seasoning Cast Iron Pans
2/25/14 03:18 PM

My parents never ever entertained. I love entertaining! I have received Michelin stars from my friends and from clients for my cooking :) My mother thinks I am wasting my money entertaining. She comments on my house all the time. Eg. I invited a friend over for lunch whilst I still had moving boxes in my lounge (the house was still being renovated). What a scandal! My friends don't care... They love my hospitality. Referring to Linda Maye Adams, I am an introvert too. An INFP. So it's not true that introverts don't like to entertain. We don't just get very actively involved in the social interaction, but more like to "watch" the party, see how people are having a good time. And after the party I am just grateful for some down time.

Did Your Parents Entertain Often? Reader Question
2/23/14 02:18 PM

Hehe, who worries about closets when you can have fabulous antique armoires?

How To Decorate Like a Parisian
2/18/14 04:47 PM

I must have food for at least 2 months. I stock up when things fo on sale. I buy bigger quantities when I go to specialty shops further away. Rice, pasta, grains, lentils, chickpeas, canned tomatoes , tuna, jam, bread flour, milk, ... Booze bottles that are 15 years old, so if I am desperate... I still have a fair amount of bottles in the wine cellar too. I know how to make a rocket stove and have plenty of wood. I'd be worried about not having electricity = no heating, no hot water. Even my woodstove needs electricity for the fan, boohoo! I hve no problem with staying home for a few days or a good week. It happens often. I am a single mom, when my kids stay with their dad during the holidays, often my friends are gone then too. And I don't speak to anyone for days in a row. The internet helps. So as long as that works, my house is big enough.

How Long Could You Go Without Leaving The House?
1/17/14 02:38 PM

Mme de Florian was not a tenant, she was the owner! The charges she had to pay were the co-owner charges for the building. This is what happens in France, you own the apartment, and you contribute monthly to the charges of the building (cleaning, heating, renovations, doorman, ...) If you understand French, you can read a detailed article here, and not some hearsay translated and passed on a 100 times: and here a link to the auction house Drouot where the painting was sold:
Mme De Florian was what they called a demi-mondaine, a woman who had many admirers, men of certain financial means or politicians, who wrote her love letters and gave presents. I guess she just started a new life on the French Riviera when she had to flee Paris during the war...

Discovered After 70 Years: A Stunning, Untouched WWII Era Paris Apartment
1/7/14 02:30 PM

That is a great idea! Right now I just stash stuff in piles here & there, waiting till I decide. I need a To Go box too, because once I decide I want to donate, I can't always bring it away immediately.

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/7/14 01:37 PM

The re-usable shopping bags stay in my car, because otherwise I never have one when I need it! Of course, there are always several lying around in the house to make their way to the car...
I cook a lot. My spice & condiment collection takes up a lot of space, like several shelves. But I use it all the time.
I am going through my crafting / recycle designs supplies though. I have so many ideas, so many projects, but only so much time to realize time. So I decided to be realistic & purge.
Wrapping paper: the Chinese newspaper! :)
I am replacing all the plastic food containers with (recycled) glass jars. More ecological.
I purge clothes on a regular basis and keep a pile to use as work clothes (in my workshop)
Pens: never have one when you need it? The solution is a glass jar on the kitchen window sill. I know, some of them are not immediately put back. But the jar is full of pens, so I will always have one when I need it!
I have a workshop, so lots of screws, nails, wood, pewter, recycled parts, ...
Magazines: go digital!!! Whatever I find very interesting, I just print that one page or save as a photo in a file on my desk top.
I'm organized already! :)
Oh yes, I can never have too many mugs... They are used all the time. Coffee addict. Tea drinker. Soup drinker. Hot chocolate drinker.

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/7/14 01:34 PM