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Old: I remember as a kid being around for my aunt & uncle’s move from an apartment. The last piece of my aunt’s furniture, an upright piano, was loaded by my dad and uncle into the back of the pick-up. Grandma and I were in the following car and watched, horrified (mesmerized?), as the truck climbed a steep hill and the piano came rolling out the back and smashed on the street in front of us. My aunt loved that piano. She cried for days. I was about 8 and admit to laughing when it happened- it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen actually happen right in front of me (I blame it on watching too much TV).
Recent: When I moved from the Midwest to the West I experience the tread coming off of one of tires while driving down the interstate highway. I pulled the big yellow truck over at the nearest exist and waited for about 3 hours for their nearest guy to come and fix it. Once it was fixed, he went back east, I headed west again and about 30 minutes down the road another tread blew – as it turned out, all of the tires were retreads. It was a shorter wait that time, but at that point I wasn’t waiting for another tire to go. I stopped for the night at the next town that was big enough to have a tire shop, had the tires replaced and fought with the big yellow truck company until they agreed to pay for safe tires.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/1/11 05:57 PM