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Amanda's Favorite Room House Call
7/4/14 12:17 PM

Lovely! Like the way glass has been used, to bring in natural sunlight. Also love the fact that its all straight lines....fabulous....
The interior color mix also gives a soothing feel.

However, is that kitchen space enough?

Tim's Urban Desert Light Box House Tour
11/16/13 01:47 AM

Is this a micro four thirds?
Between Lumix GF1 and GF2, what would you recommend?

Nikon 1 J1: The Fashionably Minimalist Traveler Tech Test Lab
5/12/12 12:35 PM

Why would one even call it a watch? Its a wristband with futuristic features. Time may be one mere app....

Watch the Future Final Frame
3/31/12 01:45 AM

Superb! Minimal, all white and just my type....
I would however have gone in for a white desk as well...

Sean's Serene Scene Bedroom Desk
DeskTops - The Best of Readers' Desks

1/26/12 11:51 PM

I absolutely love Flipboard. Very exciting layout and interesting news....

Hands On With Flipboard For iPhone
12/8/11 11:29 PM

I like the metal back...

Unique Backs for iPhones: Distinctive Customization
11/19/11 11:44 AM

Except some of the weird colors, the others look really classy. I was attracted by its design.

Nokia's "iPhone" for People Who Do Not Want the iPhone
10/27/11 01:30 PM

There is so much of nature and bright sunlight. Very soothing, and natural. Lovely home!

My Parents' Beloved Lake House
House Tour

10/15/11 01:21 AM

Well, yeah, they are definitely inherently masculine.
Nice site btw.

Leah Sakellarides of Velokova.com
Behind the Blog

9/9/11 01:39 AM

Superbly minimal ! Love it !

A Couple's Cubicle at Home Dual Desk Setup

8/19/11 02:44 PM

Great !!! I just love white!!

Jennifer's "Surprise on the Inside" Ranch
House Call

8/19/11 02:41 PM

Superb idea. So innovative and minimal. Decently done!

Sean Coyne's Ikea Hacked Home Theater Coffee Table
7/29/11 01:10 AM

I always shut down my laptop when going to bed. However, if I do keep it on, is the problem only with utility bills?
I'd like to know if it impacts the laptop in anyway, if I keep it switched on for days.

How Often Do You Turn Off Your Computer?
7/23/11 02:29 AM