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I would hate life if I had to do this.

This Guy Lived on Soylent for a Whole Month Good Food Reads
7/30/14 12:39 AM

"Now"? Why does it sound like this post is reporting on a new trend?

Is Food Photography Now an Amateur's Game? Food News
7/29/14 10:36 AM

Where was a claim to expertise made?

I appreciate the charitable aspect, too. I wonder if she's teamless on this project in the sense that she searches and picks solo. How many of them have real qualifications to be a design advisor? I'll go so far as to say, because celebrities often have money to burn, they can probably try more than the average person can. It always amazes me that Paris Hilton never did something like this. With those kind of resources, imagine the kind of travel blog she could write.

It's not my style but I can appreciate that it would be someone's style.

Blake Lively Launches Lifestyle Brand, Preserve Design News
7/29/14 02:41 AM

Never. As a city girl who's lived in apartments her whole life, I never leave my doors unlocked. In hot summers I leave the windows open but only because I'm above the first floor.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/28/14 04:20 PM

Has anyone found that using the stainless steel EcoJarz lid leaves rust rings on the seal & lid?

5 Tops to Help Kids Transition to Using Real Glasses
6/26/14 11:17 PM

I cook with butter so I am not sure this would go well for me.

Skip the Thawing, Cook Frozen Fish Straight From the Freezer Tiny Tips from The Kitchn
6/6/14 11:49 PM

I'm more familiar with yelling at or attempting to cajole my tech to do my bidding.

Do You Like to Talk to Your Tech?
6/5/14 06:29 PM

In all fairness, you don't really NEED a "bigger" home, even with kids. There are lots of ways to do typically "home" activities in outside venues. Playing can be done at parks, where they'd get more opportunity to improve social skills anyway, homework can be done at the library, working out at a gym, and for older children, loft beds can provide space underneath for a desk and closet.

Making Space: Items for a Teeny Tiny Nursery
5/30/14 03:42 PM

I'm so happy they didn't use real trees. They can really suffer from the dust an office collects. And they're annoying for the cleaning staff.

This Irish HQ Has Every Cool Office Element Ever Design News
5/30/14 03:10 PM

It will be gorgeous!

We Bought a 94-Room French Chateau
5/30/14 03:06 PM

I saw this mug in the Hallmark store the other day with, "All my favorite people call me Nana," written on it. No doubt it was intended for grandmothers but, as that is my nickname, I thought it was the sweetest.

Nana's Things That Make Her Smile Small Cool Contest
5/30/14 03:03 PM

This is so cool!

Artist Fills Potholes with Mosaics Design News
5/30/14 02:58 PM

Well yeah, when you give kids less opportunity for distraction while in a classroom, they focus better. But teaching them to actively control their focus would probably be more advantageous in the long run, the whole world is not going to declutter itself for their benefit.

Do Sparse Classrooms Help Kids Learn? Design News
5/30/14 02:58 PM

Can you replicate silver & pewter with five dollars? Though I agree it's not really... magical.

I am crying bitter bitter tears about not having had the opportunity to buy that probably overpriced silver catch-all & wicker basket. In my house, everyone would understand it was there because I would tell everyone. No shame. And probably no one except me would care. Although, I like this post because it reminds me of that Christmas episode of BBT where Penny gives Sheldon that autographed napkin used by Leonard Nimoy and Sheldon loses his mind. Hugs for everyone!

One Kings Lane Sells Props From 'Maleficent' Design News
5/30/14 02:50 PM

red rice*!

What Do I Do With 2 Bags of Limes? Good Questions
5/30/14 02:30 PM

Awesome idea!

Keep Sauces Warm With Something You Already Have Tips From The Kitchn
5/30/14 02:27 PM

Heh. My SO travels to a nearby state where alcohol is sold at lower prices and travels back instead of purchasing in the economy of his home state. Good luck with the alcohol tax. I don't drink it anyway so meh.

Also, PAYING FOR RESERVATIONS?!?!?! People will pay for anything, I guess.

What to Read This Weekend: Should We Triple the Alcohol Tax? 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
5/30/14 02:26 PM

Noooooo. Omg bar carts make great catch-alls in small spaces!

Who Needs a Bar Cart? Organize Your Home Bar With Lacquer Trays Kitchen Inspiration
5/30/14 02:12 AM

Wolfgang Puck. Seriously. He seems like he has so much confidence and fun while cooking. I've watched him since I was 15 years old. And when I started making money, I was able to take control of my body through cooking. Thanks Wolf.

Who Taught You to Cook and Inspired Your Cooking? Memorial Day 2014
5/30/14 02:05 AM

Add it to everything.

I personally think lemons are good for nothing but lemonade, and even that is barely tolerable. So I use limes for everything, juice added to white rice, meats, ramen, skin for spices. A personal favorite is dicing avocados, letting them sit in lime for about twenty minutes and sprinkling with salt. Orgasmic.

What Do I Do With 2 Bags of Limes? Good Questions
5/30/14 01:28 AM