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With so many chair designs in the world, we just don't need this one.

Lightbulb Chair by Hopscotch Road
Design Showcase 2011

9/25/11 12:36 PM

Looks comfortable but how do you change the sheets after all that "cuddling"?

Would You Buy A Cuddle Mattress?
7/25/11 10:39 AM

there's already a long thread on finding similar one to this lamp on Apartment Therapy:

Source For Angular Lamp?
Good Questions

7/21/11 01:06 PM

serge mouille .... and it ain't cheap!

Source For Angular Lamp?
Good Questions

7/21/11 01:03 PM

I actually love to see the detail pictures of a home. When I walk into someone's house, I don't just view it from 10 feet away. I meet the owner, drink their tea, look at their collection of art and curiosities, their books, their photographs, from a distance, up close. I think that if a house tour has 40+ images, I don't see a problem with showing some images that is more about the experience of being in a home for the first time, and not purely for documenting what the rooms look like from a wide angle lens.

Maryam & Max's Modern Beachwood Canyon Home
House Tour

7/21/11 12:40 PM