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This is amazing! I made a few adjustments (didn't have a hot pepper so I left it out and I couldn't find cotija cheese so I used manchengo cheese which I had leftover from another recipe), but pretty much followed the recipe. Eating the leftovers for lunch right now!

Easy Potluck Recipe: Esquites (Mexican Corn Salad) Recipes from The Kitchn
8/27/13 12:13 PM

These are adorable! We're going to try and make these at a craft event at my work in the fall - I've already collected tons of Easter eggs! I've run into a problem though - poking holes in the eggs. Do thumbtacks and pipe cleaners come in a wide range of sizes? Our thumbtack holes are waaay too tiny for the pipe cleaner to fit! We've also tried book-binding awls, they make a bigger hole, but with some of the eggs the plastic cracks after the second or third hole for the legs.

If anyone has any tips they can share - we would love some help! My plan is to prep about a hundred or more eggs with holes, then the kids that come for the craft can put the pipe cleaner parts, eyes and wings on their firefly.

Thanks for such an cute and creative craft AT!

Make Fireflies That Really Light Up
5/28/13 08:36 AM

What an awesome farm tour! Those tiny cucumelons look like Mexican sour gherkins - I grew some this summer on my balcony and at our community garden (I bought seeds from Seed Savers Exchange). They're really easy to grow - the smaller they are when you eat them, the more sour they are!

The Chef's Garden: A Very Unusual Family Farm
10/4/11 04:05 PM

About a month and a half ago I tried to buy fall seeds at my favorite garden supply store and they were all gone! I asked the cashier where the seeds were (in case I missed them, they keep things in odd spots sometimes, I spent 20 minutes searching for perlite before asking for help, it was tucked in a corner near the entrance of the store with the exotic house plants!) and she said they didn't have any, that the seed companies had come and picked them up and explained to me that it's too late to plant anything right now anyway. I just stared at her, not sure if she was serious or if I should mention fall planting (it was the middle of August zone 5/6, central Ohio!)... then she said that I could plant some fall crops right now, but that they were all out of seeds.

I didn't feel like repeating that weird experience in any other gardening stores so I went online and got some new seeds from Botanical Interests. I have some dwarf blue curled kale, a few lettuces, some pansies, dill, spinach and corn mache on my balcony and I'm getting ready to transplant a bunch of perennial herbs to my community garden plot!

Growing in Fall: 5 Foods to Plant Now
9/27/11 09:29 AM

I'm not a big drinker, but Bard's is my favorite! I would drink it even if I wasn't avoiding wheat/gluten and more options.

Beer Review: Bard's Gold Sorghum Beer from Bard's Tale
Beer Sessions

9/21/11 10:01 AM

I agree with julia2711, I'd love a mat in our dinky kitchen but I'm worried one of us will trip over a cat and slip on the rug - potential disaster!

Comfortable & Cozy: Rugs In The Kitchen
9/16/11 10:27 AM

I totally agree with dlub - all that time and effort put into a garden, it's totally unfair to have someone steal from you because they don't have the same gardening practices as you do.

I have had unripe peppers stolen from my community garden plot (they were jimmy nardello's that were just starting to turn red on the tips - it's so frustrating!) I've started harvesting my tomatoes early so they don't get nicked.

I've read online that growing yellow or green tomatoes can deter people from stealing because they don't realize when they are ripe. For my peppers, my husband and I made a sign saying that they aren't ripe until they turn purple (which shouldn't happen), are poisonous while green and to please not pick them.

Help! What Do I Do About a Tomato Thief?
Good Questions

8/31/11 01:25 PM

They're also called Calamondin Oranges - I work at Franklin Park Conservatory in where we have several calamondin trees. The fruits are really delicious fresh - but you have to eat the skin with the flesh! The flesh is super sour, but the skin is sweet. We let our summer camp kids sample calamondins - they make the funniest faces and many of them ask for seconds!

I don't have any recipes, but I am growing a few calamondin seedlings at home, they are beautiful trees!

Strong and Sour: Calamansi Lemons
8/30/11 09:27 AM

Beautiful space! I love your gnome - I have a few myself!

Stephanie's California Lanai
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #15

8/15/11 02:08 PM