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It's quite unusal to see a beautiful "before". Newport Beach, no surprise.

Kitchen Before & After: A Divided Kitchen Becomes the Ultimate Entertaining Space Reader Kitchen Remodel
5/1/14 04:25 PM

I saw this articale and thought, I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FOR WHEN I HAVE A CHILD. Googled and saw it on sale used on Amazon. Paid a little under $30 including shipping :o)

So You Know: Cookie Monster's Famous Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe
8/20/12 02:10 PM

I like to add egg into most of my impromptu noodle soups.

I like to put a raw egg in a plastic sandwich bag, seal it, squish it with my hand to mix (fun part), cut the bottom tip, and let it slowly stream out into my simmering soup while I stir.

How to Make Egg Drop Soup
10/27/11 07:11 PM

Napkin ring? Tie around curtains?

Craft Conundrum: What to Do with Friendship Bracelets?
9/22/11 03:59 PM

Are you crafty??

DIY Use For Inherited Trunk?
Good Questions

9/15/11 01:33 PM

I have that exact digital kitchen scale in pink from Target! I used it last night for measuring equal parts of raspberries and sugar to make jam.

ALSO, it's great for shipping small packages (up to 11 lbs, well... depending on your scale really!). You can measure their weight on it and print out your own labels at home (I know USPS has that service, maybe others too?). I'm an Etsy seller.

At-Home Devices that Indirectly Save You Space
9/15/11 01:29 PM

I bought one for $30 I found on Craigslist after searching and searching. It's wooden and looks like #4 too. I plan on painting it with a distressed look (sand, light yellow latex paint, paste wax, dark navy ish latex paint, medium steel wool).

5 Great Garden Benches
The Gardenist

9/14/11 02:14 PM

I've done something similar to this years ago. You can really just use any frame with glass and put anything behind it (calender, pictures, etc.)

Organizational Tip: Make a Modern Dry Erase Board
U Create

8/25/11 04:13 PM

Growing up my mom was the crafty one. Sewing, jewelry making, etc. She always let me do whatever craft projects I wanted (and she paid for it). And my dad was the handy one. I always loved helping with furniture assembly and using tools. I believe the combination of my parents have been the solid base of my designing/crafting/hobbying.

Survey: Where Does Your DIY Savvy Come From?
7/20/11 06:08 PM