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Those floors are amazing. My favorite so far.

Jenna's Exposed Brick Studio Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 11:15 PM

@ryttu3K I've considered covering it with glass, but honestly I haven't had any issues with it. I used semi gloss paint and it wipes clean easily. @Rico Tenore, thank you for providing me with that perspective and I'm so very sorry I caused you to waste your time. Namaste my friend.

Joy's \"Jewel Box Galley\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/22/13 08:19 PM

Thank you for all the kind comments! I more or less used this method:

Fair warning, it's not a "day" task. It took me a full school day to tape and get the first coat, then another two to get the remaining 4 coats on. I wasn't trying to achieve a stone effect so I went one color at a time and didn't blend. I'm still working on touch ups where the paint bled or where the tape pulled the base color off -- I started in July. That makes me a complete slacker. But I'm so pleased with the results that I would do it all over again. Thanks again for the kind comments!

Joy's \"Jewel Box Galley\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/20/13 11:20 PM

My dining room is 9'1" wide--although perhaps a bit longer. Regardless, I feel your pain. I would build/buy some sort of hutch for the dishes where that red art is and get rid of the bookshelf that is taking up a foot of space from the narrow side and center that table in the room. Added bonus, you could seat 4 if you needed to.

How To Make Insanely Narrow Dining Room More Functional? Good Questions
8/31/12 09:36 AM

Those are great looking Polish! I can't wait to get some...

Real Life Backyard Chicken Advice from Experienced Chicken Owners
4/12/12 04:09 PM

We have them in a few rooms in our house. I painted the ones in my daughters room sky blue, and am ignoring the ones in the Dining room (as they too fall into the someday category). However one night I couldn't stand it anymore and started ripping them off my bedroom ceiling...and as it turns out there was an oak ceiling underneath. It was beautiful and I have no idea why anyone would ever cover it up. Maybe what's underneath isn't so scary.

A Bedroom Eyesore: Ceiling Tiles
7/20/11 04:23 PM