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Do you know where the dresser in the photo is from? I've been looking for something just like it.

A Gift to Yourself: Hang that Artwork! The January Cure Assignment #19
1/28/14 12:51 PM

I love doing this with a compote of frozen fruit or fresh fruit that's heading past its prime. I add the fruit to a sauce pan with a little honey, some vanilla or almond (great with berries) extract and cinnamon for a little extra flavor. Then I just heat up to a boil and let it cook until the juices come out and then thicken a bit. Once that happens I let it cool to room temperature(ish), spoon it into the bottom of the yogurt cups, and then add the yogurt in over it.

Make Your Own Fruit-on-the-Bottom Yogurt Cups
5/20/12 09:01 PM

I find that including my kids in the kitchen is an ongoing learning tool. Most recently, I've been using the experience to help my six year old focus his "experimental cooking" energies by reading recipies and learning how to plan. He isn't completely buying into the idea yet, but we are slowly moving towards cooking something edible! Its always been amazing to me how teaching the kids simple lessons in the kitchen can translate into bigger picture learnings that they can use in the rest of their lives.

Small Hands, Big Help: Practical Tips for Cooking with Kids
Guest Post by Sarah Pinneo

2/7/12 05:15 PM

We used a lot of the recommendations from the book, Diaper Free Before Three, but with my daughter ended up starting a little later than the book recommends. My son, took to it really easily, but my daughter was another story. After a lot of refusals, I finally just leveled with her that she was a big girl now and didn't need a pull up anymore. We made a big deal out of getting her training pants, and started putting her in them exclusively. Then, we started bringing her to the bathroom every hour or so or right after she drank something (not asking if she needs to go... just saying "its time to try to potty") She put up some fights at first, but we were really consistent with her and within a week or so, she got the hang of it with just a few accidents. It has been almost two months now, and she rarely ever has accidents at this point.
Highly recommend the book - it is great for starting early, but has great tips for even starting later.

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/20/11 02:47 PM