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My children love toast with a slice of Gouda on top.
The mornings I have fresh croissants made, I scramble eggs and
Make a sandwich out of it. We like to add cheese and bacon too.

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3/6/12 06:23 PM

i can also mention what "not to get". DACOR. we've had ours for about 8 years and have nothing but problems since day one- literally. i could not tell you how many times we have had the repair guy out only to try and fix the problem(s) that never get fixed. even for as much money as we spent $3500. i would never buy another DACOR- electric stove. if someone tried to give me one for free i would not accept.
my next stove purchase- induction- all the way.

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Good Questions

1/19/12 02:13 PM

frozen fruit- all seasons, homemade marinara, nuts, poultry, seafood, homemade pesto,mozzerella cheese, some-sort of- popsicles, ice cream, dark chocolate, veggies-any season, butter,bacon, bread, pizzas, & jasmine and brown rice. i won't bore you with the entire list. i wish i could freeze more. i try to be conscious of what happens to things if they aren't in safe freezer quality containers/bags.
who has successfully frozen milk?

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1/13/12 03:55 PM

There's a place in Scottsdale, Arizona called Pomo. They import all the freshest ingredients from Italy. They cook the pizza's in their brick oven. They are amazing! I think they are a little bit pricey. ( I know this because we make homemade pizzas at home ourselves with imported ingredients). They also have the red pepper flake infused oil served with the pizza's. I have not tried it yet, but will next time we go.

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The Cheesemonger

8/3/11 06:58 PM

Very cute and cozy kitchen!

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7/20/11 12:36 PM