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this is a great idea!
totally doesn't go with the decor though ;)
i suppose it's nice when you don't really care if you have something like this on display at all times...

Dutch Airer: A Beautiful, Space Saving Alternative to Air Drying
1/26/11 04:17 PM

I love that apartment therapy is doing a segment on laundry - it's the worst part of my week! i have a problem with my shirts getting funny in the shoulders when i hang them up on a hanger in the shower... I'm looking for a super compact version. My NYC apartment is 300 sq ft.. I have no space!
I use for laundry and dry cleaning. if there was a more intelligent solution to the hanger in the shower that doesn't take up space when it's drying - please share!!

Laundry Drying Racks: 7 Small Space Solutions
1/26/11 03:34 PM

oh I'm drooling!!! I can't wait to have the laundry in my HOME!!!
I live in NYC and needed to hike out to do it every time. such a pain. When I'm feeling lazy I go to and find a place to pick it up and do it for me. But one day... one day I will have something like this!

Inspiration Gallery: Laundry Rooms
1/26/11 03:22 PM

I would stick with the black and white theme - paint the top half of your bathroom white, window and mirror border in a glossy black. The green tile adds a nice color contrast.. Some easy changes that would work with your room and won't cost much. If you are feeling ambitious - a different light fixture above the mirror in black - Good luck!

Color to Spruce Up Bland Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/2/10 06:21 PM

haha - i'm in line with jick. nothing worth an auction, just plenty of chuck e cheese tokens... but thats all right with me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Million Dollar Treasure Hiding in a Shoebox
5/30/08 03:24 AM

wireless speakers - so nice - and no clutter. the best!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Eos 100T1RB Wireless Audio System
5/24/08 04:08 AM

Amy Butler's pillows are beautiful - I would love a set!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thursday Giveaway: Amy Butler Pillows
5/24/08 04:05 AM

very lovely, great color combinations! I would love one on my bed!

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3/1/08 01:14 AM