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Hey guys this is Chris, thanks for the positive comments. As we've only been in the apartment for 4 1/2 months, we are still evolving stuff every day.

Tonia: I realized that the quote was wrong, but was in a rush to put something that wasn't a shopping list on the chalkboard.

Donkamio: We leave the speakers that way when we aren't watching surround movies and use "all channel stereo" when listening to music (which we do more of)... it gives extra fill to the room. You probably noticed no center channel, but that's on the way (B&W HTM61). It's been backordered, and I felt like it was really missing as far as anyone knowing what the surround setup would be. Also, the turntable shelf wasn't ready to put up yet, so that's why it's on top of the left cabinet...

Lizzy: It's still missing a bit of "living in", in my opinion... Unfortunately, there aren't more photos of the bedroom... it's not as boring as it seems. We have some lovely lighting, and the windows look out onto a fire escape, which adds visual interest. We are going to place some sort of art / sculpture in there, but have to find the right pieces... It's all a work in progress

We appreciate that the color scheme is not for everyone... Hell, it may not even be for *us* in the long-term, but it's fun for now, and we like it (and paint is a snap to change). We were definitely trying to make each section of the apartment have its own energy and mood... The living room / office are centered around entertainment and work, the kitchen / dining room around functionality and hosting a lot of people (I like to have an audience of sorts when I'm cooking, who doesn't love to gather around a home cooked meal while it's being cooked, have a glass of wine, ask questions, etc?) / the bedroom as a bit of a tranquil escape where you can focus on actually sleeping and relaxing.

If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to see it as it comes along, I can definitely post about updates... just let me know.

Oh, and Sasha (the dog) thanks you for the love.

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