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Antonio is my choice of favorite designer. While I admit that HGTV does have many talented designers, there's no one whose designs I gravitate toward more than Mr. Ballatore. From his style to his personality, he has it all and that's what hits all demographics. He breaks the mold that most networks have for their designers. He's not your typical cookie cutter kind of guy. He has edge, he's bold, and he leaves you wondering, "what took him so long to be discovered and on TV?" He's truly inspiring and there is not one episode that by the end, you're not speechless and super stoked for the next one. We need inspiring, teaching, passionate, mold breaking kind of people on television keeping our interests at its peak like Antonio Ballatore does. I appreciate all he does, and there's no other designer I can say I have the same choice of words for.

Who is Your Favorite TV Designer?
7/18/11 02:35 AM