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i would go with a beni ourain rug. they are both neutral and they have a pattern. the issue is a 9X12.. you can do two and have them surged together or try madeline weinraub for a similar type. xoxo.... CTI

The Case for Neutral Area Rugs
8/30/11 01:48 PM

ralph lauren it is!!! xoxo

Gossip Girl Bedding??
Good Questions

7/16/11 08:15 AM

it is from Romo. 979 third avenue...nyc

Good Questions: Gossip Girl Wallpaper?
7/16/11 08:14 AM

the cushions were custom. a cure for the dp's complaining that they reflected too much on camera. they are attached with velcro tabs and do not look cheap. also every wall has covering. it is the angle of the light in the photo that made it disappear in this shot.. xoxo

Hot or Not?: Cushioned Louis Ghost Chairs on Gossip Girl
7/16/11 08:13 AM

you can buy a high res image from jupiter or stock photo pro.. enjoy. so glad you liked it...xoxo

Good Questions: Gossip Girl Artwork
Los Angeles

7/16/11 08:08 AM