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Before & After: A Mid-Century Mess Gets a Makeover
6/28/14 01:39 PM

I love the fabric with faces on your chair. Where is it from?
Lovely space.

Zainab and Farhan's Colorful & Contemporary Dubai Apartment House Tour
6/28/14 01:34 PM

It's kick starter. Doesn't exist yet.

Scribble Pen Matches & Stores Any Color Design News
6/24/14 09:22 PM

It's kick starter. Doesn't exist yet.

Scribble Pen Matches & Stores Any Color Design News
6/24/14 09:22 PM

Do they thrive? I live in a dry climate and wondering how well these would really last. I've had baskets with dirt and coco liner and plants did ok, but wondering how well it really works without dirt and coco liner on it's own. Does anyone know?

Easy DIY Project: How to Make a Pocket Wall Planter Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorials
6/19/14 09:52 PM

Nice colour choice.

Small Project Saturdays: Inspired Salvage Glidden® Paint
6/19/14 02:10 PM

Anyone want to rank them in order.
Card table-most expensive, Nakashima second from top, Queen Anne and then Parzinger last.

Can You Spot the Most Valuable American Antique? American Style Quiz
6/19/14 01:17 PM

Looking at all that garbage on the floor is taking up too much of my mental space.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/18/14 02:53 PM

They were originally stained and not painted for a reason. That reason is paint will scratch and wear and look like garbage in a few months. You'll have to worry about someone sitting on them with buttons on their back pockets and ruining the paint.
If they are really vintage, you're better off selling them and getting what you want. Or put them in the garage for a year until you can see them with fresh eyes and aren't sick of them. Move them to a different room. Like slipper chair in the bedroom with a lambskin over them.
As there are so many collectors that will value them as is, I'd jsut sell them and get what you want. I don't think painting them is going to make you love them any better. You're tired of them. Set them free.
Sell them to me. My house is where all unloved MCM furniture comes to die and be resurrected in a loving environment.

Blasphemous To Paint Eames Classic Molded Plywood Lounge Chair? Good Questions
6/17/14 03:26 PM

Maxwell, I live in the town of the creator and she's been pushing that guilty pleasure around here for years. First in cafes and then in Whole Foods as a local product. We've been addicts for about four years now. Passionfruit & Mango are my favourites.

Noosa Yogurt
6/16/14 01:52 PM

But why? For the money, you could have built a home on the site. If he wanted to be eco, he could have built a tiny home of recycled materials.

Man Reuses Retired Airplane As Home Design News
6/16/14 01:46 PM

I'd say if you love it that much, you should save for the real thing rather than getting a knock off. And by real, I mean the real vintage thing. The licensed ones are ok, but they're always going to be remakes. If you are ok with a remake or knock off, I'd just keep eyes peeled and look for one on CL. They are popular and iconic and people are always getting rid of them. What I'm saying is that they aren't in short supply.

A West Village Modern Makeover Full of Affordable Furniture Finds Professional Project
6/14/14 06:04 PM

I love this project. I'm sure it took you more time to find second hand pieces, but the result in stylish and looks like a lot of thought went into it. Well chosen instead of quickly picked and charged. Sophisticated. The bench in the entry way with the West Elm mirror and shelf are great choices for a landing strip. Black and tan is a sophisticated colour palette imho.
The standing lamp in the bedroom next to the chair looks like a laurel lamp base to me. Is it? If it is, need to find a proper bubble glass shade. They're too gorgeous to cover with a drum shade.
Not super keen on the curtains in the bedroom.

A West Village Modern Makeover Full of Affordable Furniture Finds Professional Project
6/14/14 06:01 PM

If the cushions do flatten out, go to Joanne's, get some foam and stick the foam in the middle of the fluffy bit that is there and is flattening out. It will give it more structure. 685 plus another 15% can't tell me that this is worse than the Ikea sofas at around 800-1000 bucks depending on the slipcover you chose. I've got friends with those and you can feel the 2x4 through the armrest.

84\" Brooke Sofa by Conran
6/13/14 03:51 PM

If you find anything else in on the jcp website that you like, it's another 15% off with their summer coupon at the top right corner. Just ordered some pillows. Hoping they are ok.

84\" Brooke Sofa by Conran
6/13/14 03:47 PM

No one is going to bring back the antler debate in this thread? Lol.

Say what you will, but I love the 70's. After that we pretty much fall off a design cliff-at least for the masses. There is some still kind of high end stuff that might be collectible somewhere down the line, but the stuff that everyone can get now is disposable and ugly. It began in the 80's with ugly speckled oak and went downhill from there. Not coincidentally, all of the good manufacturing in this country closed then-Heywood, etc.

Rooms were so much smaller then. Even in the home mags. All of this looks normal and achievable. I like that not each space is dominated by some new trend. Like all chrome-chrome knobs, chrome fixtures, etc. In fact the hard wired things that are really expensive to change out don't dominate these rooms at all. Really goes to show you that times were simpler and people weren't all chasing trends that were expensive for them to keep up with.

Speaking of chrome-what is that thing on the ceiling in the second picture? Sound barrier? It seems like if it were just a decorative piece to make the room look larger, they would have just used a mirror.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/13/14 03:41 PM

I LOVE Ercol. What a fantastic talk. Thanks for getting this for us.

Edward Tadros of Ercol May Maker Talk
6/13/14 12:33 AM

Another 15% off if you enter the summer code. :)
That high boy is awesome as well and quite the deal. But do I ever wish I could have that end table.

Cairns Collection by Conran
6/11/14 09:52 PM

Great idea. Love these.

Color Cords
6/11/14 03:21 PM

Great suggestion Maxwell. So sorry JCP has gone back to other stuff. There is a market for mid century hyper modern. Snagging some of those pillows. Loved a side table, but they don't ship to my area.

Cairns Collection by Conran
6/11/14 03:18 PM