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I forgot to add that I've tried making all the nut milks. For my coffee, I prefer the clean taste of the almond milk the best. Cashew milk is kind of neat because you don't have to strain it. It's been about a year since I made these experiments, so I'm trying to remember what it was about each nut that stood out, but I'm drawing blanks. I think I recall that the other nuts, like cashew and macadamia, seemed too "oily" in my coffee. Nuts milks are ridiculously easy to make, so I think everyone should try and see what they think. Especially if you have access to bulk nuts from a co-op at a decent price.

Almond Milk: What Does it Really Taste Like?
1/20/12 12:46 AM

Perhaps I'm the voice of dissent here...I think almond milk is GREAT in coffee. I get raw milk, too, but I think almond milk is even better in coffee than whole raw milk. Or at least as good.

Here's what I do: I soak raw almonds every day or couple of days, overnight, in salted water. (About a tbls of salt to a cup of raw almonds). In the morning while making my coffee, I peel the skins off the soaked almonds. Peel is a strong word, as usually the almond just pops out of the skin (sometimes flying across the room!) Then I blend them in blender with about 1.5 x's water. This is a MUCH lower water ratio than I see other people doing, but this is "cream" to me. Then I strain it. You can buy nutmilk strainers or make your own, but I use a nylon resusable produce bag which works perfectly. Then I add a bit of vanilla (do it to taste). Make sure the vanilla you use is NOT the kind with alcohol, but instead pure vanilla. Adjust vanilla and salt to taste.

I think it's fabulous in coffee, but the trick is to make it much more concentrated than most recipes call for, IMO. Wishing everyone peace and good health!

Almond Milk: What Does it Really Taste Like?
1/20/12 12:41 AM

Wow that apt has a severe lack of natural light. I love that you went rich and moody instead of trying to make it light and bright. Beautiful!

Adam Hacks in FiDi
House Tour

12/8/10 02:02 PM

manu_pty, I'm thinking Laura Ashley must have had a dog in that fight, too!

Traditional (But Not Boring) Dining Rooms
11/26/10 05:31 AM

"They’re low maintenance, pretty to look at (so many colors!), and with a mod fish bowl, they actually enhance your home—that’s my idea of the perfect pet!"

This reminds me of the South Park episode where Tinkerbelle commits sucide rather than be Paris Hilton's pet.

Get a pet rock instead. That will fulfill your decor requirements without causing needless suffering.

Fun Fishbowls
11/25/10 02:56 AM

The tree looks fine. Do you just not like fake trees in general, or is it the pine cones and snow that make it "outright tacky" to you?

Martha Stewart's Classic & Crafty Christmas
Holiday Sneak Peek 2010

11/18/10 05:45 PM

I'll let you know what I think after I finish cleaning up the drool off my keyboard and picking up my jaw from the floor.

John's New York City Interior with a California Garden
House Tour

11/18/10 05:04 PM

I very much like your gallery wall and the moody jewel colors at the bedroom end. Thanks for sharing your space!

Erika’s Colorful Yet Simply Stated Bedroom
11/18/10 04:54 PM

Congratulations on finishing school! Thanks for the house tour: I really like how uncluttered and spacious it feels.

Caitlin's Art Deco Apartment with a Parisian Flair
House Tour

11/18/10 02:48 PM

This is great! I too would love an old church/warehouse/barn to live in (I grew up in an abandoned convent on church property, so it's imprinted on me).

What I have right now, due to work reasons, is a very suburban split entry. Surprisingly, the white box lended itself extremely well to my industrial/eclectic/vintage style. The plain suburban homes are essentially a blank canvas to make whatever you want...they are often a mismatch of styles so when they are altered to fit the owner's taste, nothing has been desecrated.

Bloom whrere you are planted!

Kat's Salvage Style
House Call

11/17/10 07:25 PM

All I can think about now is wishing I were invited to Lotusmoss' house for T dinner. Your menu is exquisite.

In general, for the mixed group of "raw only/picky/allergic/ethics/politics/eating disorder/doctor's orders", the only sane answer is POTLUCK. Or meet in a restaurant.

How Far Will You Go to Please a Guest this Thanksgiving?
11/16/10 11:38 PM

Very "Interior Alchemy" (Rebecca Purcell).

Tiffany Porter's Greenpoint Apartment
Time Out New York

11/9/10 07:33 PM

I love dogs insanely.

I have three dogs, two large and one tiny. When I have a party, they are ALL corralled in a seperate space away from the festivities. My guests who like dogs are welcome to go say Hi, but I don't want roughhousing, happy, excited dogs to accidently knock something over, and I don't need or want happy, lethargic dogs lying all over the floor so that guests have to step around them. And the dogs don't need all the tidbits that everyone is going to feed them -- one tidbit from one guest x 20+ = dogs with tummy aches.

As for my non dog-enthused friends? They don't have to seem like divas for not wanting fur all over their clothes or getting squigged out by a lightening-fast dog lick to their hand. I cherish my friends, whether they share my love of dogs or not.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 07:13 PM

I have a friend in the UK who always refers to the US as "the other side of the pond", so I adopted that expression, too. It never seemed pretentious to me...just cute and neighborly :-D

California Cool in France
Elle Decoration

11/8/10 10:22 PM

Absolutely beautiful. It inspires me to do something with my tired foyer.

Before & After: Pretty in Pink to Bold Black & White – Part 2
11/8/10 10:13 PM

I want to comment about the sentiment that this space is too small for the homeowner's dog.

C'mon, dogs don't care about the size of the homestead! In a mansion, you would still find the dog curled up near its owner.

If this beautiful dog gets long, daily walks with it's owner, I can tell you he is much more happy than many of the dogs in my tony suburb, whose owners think that because they have a 10,000sf house and a huge backyard, the dog gets enough exercise and therefore needs few or no walks. Even after school, the dogs stand at the fence and bark, because the kids are inside instead of playing out in the yard.

Dogs need adventures, like people! The rest of the time the well-walked puppers just sleep, gearing up for next outing. The size of the homestead is irrelevant.

125 Square Feet! Kristen's Minimalist Studio in Seattle
House Call

11/8/10 04:30 PM

I LOVE it!!!!!! Anything for a pupper....

Before & After: Roadside Treasure Transformation
The Speckled Dog

11/5/10 11:51 PM

Again, I love your hallway stencil project! (And your table looks great).

Before & After: My Dramatic Table Overhaul
11/5/10 11:44 PM

I really don't understand the appeal of the ripped-spine books bound in twine, but clearly that's just me, because the Restoration Hardware store near me has a pile of them in nearly every setting.

The small stacks of books--off the floor--are very nice, like the owner is about to use them. I love it when my hosts have a few books on the coffee table for me to peruse. If the stack is too high, I feel weird rearranging the stack to reach one near the bottom or middle :-D

I don't like books stacked on the floor and used as furniture. In real life, the only people I know who did this were broke college students who hadn't yet been able to curb-shop a bookcase.

The books on the typewriter are no more attractive than dishes piled too high in a dishdrainer.

Stylish Ways to Display Your Book Collection
11/5/10 06:18 PM

Like Wally3 said! If you do a crackle finish, I'm pretty sure your landlord will make a voodoo doll of you after s/he gets out of their sobbing fetal position. Crackle-finished wood is a PITA to smooth. And it only goes with the geese-in-bonnets decor, which I don't believe is back yet.

Color Choices for Painting Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

11/4/10 12:38 PM