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Eine wunderschöne, frische, luftige Dachgeschosswohnung hast Du da! Und ein tolles Händchen für unprätentiöses Einrichten. Freue mich eine weitere Köln-Mülheimerin auf AT zu finden!

Marijke's Vintage Finds Small Cool Contest
5/26/14 01:56 PM

My partner and I do not have the problem of overly busy schedules, but there is one thing I would strongly caution everyone about who is newly moving in together: Save some time just for each other. Make dates. Go out. It's important to make time for yourself, but it's also important to make time for each other. Don't cut down on togetherness because you are "living together anyway". Chances are some days you'll be meeting in the doorway, or a for a few minutes before bedtime. I almost made that mistake once, and I haven't seen a relationship survive this for longer than a year or two.

Did You Change Your Schedules When You Moved In Together?
8/23/13 11:54 AM

What a beautiful, lovable home! Yes, that aviary is amazing! And I am glad that I am not the only one spooked by the clowns.

Alysia's Stunning Vintage Sanctuary House Tour
7/27/13 05:44 AM

Definitely fresh, simple and beautiful, but I can't imagine this kitchen is actually being cooked in.

Cecilia's Simple Beauty House Tour
7/25/13 05:04 AM

Hum. I do not think the white goes well with cream/ivory colored cabinets at all. White on white, yes.

White Kitchen Appliances are Trending White Hot
7/23/13 12:11 PM

I once took about a dozen different french and dutch cheeses to friends who had recently moved to Rio de Janeiro and were missing "proper" cheese desperately. Some of those cheeses were quite aged and even though I had the shrink-wrapped at the store the smell was horrible.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
7/20/13 04:13 AM

That L-shaped kitchen bench with storage is so clever. If one day I'll have a larger kitchen I might steal that idea.

Aria & Jason's Austin Oasis House Tour
7/3/13 05:14 AM

Reading the criteria for the selection I guess I just don't get it. What do classical music and theater, tech-savviness, artisanal coffeehouses and eco-consciousness have to do with snobbery?

Do You Live In One of America's Snobbiest Cities? (Spoiler: Probably) Travel & Leisure
7/2/13 05:36 AM

Love this house!! Especially Briana's artwork. Is that larger tapissery in the studio hanging in front of a window? It seems to glow.

Briana & Dominic's Beautiful Bungalow House Tour
6/28/13 06:11 AM

What a happy place! And it does look/feel much larger that 400 square feet.

Cristian's Well Defined Spaces Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 06:08 AM

Very smart indeed! I would not want to live with that much beige (just my personal taste), but you made amazing use of such a teeeensy-tiny space!

Ildikó's Smart Space Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 06:03 AM

This is the first entry ever that kind of makes me wonder if a place can actually be too cool.

Juan Pablo's Creative Freedom Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 05:59 AM

Love. Love. Love.

Juhana's Creative & Colorful Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 05:54 AM

You got my vote for the amazing murals and the creative conversion of your formal dining room into a "faux second bedroom". It looks so inviting, if I were friends or family, I would make up reasons to stay over all the time!!

Ashely's West Coast Small Space Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 05:51 AM

Love your color scheme and design preferences. Also, the details like the magnetic containers under the desk. You certainly know how to make a place yours.

Angela & Stephanie's Design Fingerprint Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 05:45 AM

Those peacock-colored walls!!! And I love how you divided the space.

Thayer & Holen's Open Plan Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 05:41 AM

Maybe I am missing something, but what is below the lofted bedroom?
Too bad that those pictures were taken at night, I would have loved to see the place in daylight – the beautiful view, too!

Sandy & Jeff's Good Company Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 05:34 AM

I adore this. So many rooms in just 370 square feet! And you managed to keep the rooms clutter-free and feeling airy and spacious, it looks/feels much larger. Also, great daybed design, artwork placement and use of fold-away stuff.

There's one thing I can't figure out – how do you put up with a Husky in such a tiny space? All the Huskies I happen to know are so spirited, they would knock over all the fold-away stuff in a minute. He must be a real quiet one!

Erin's Masterful Multifunctionality Small Cool Contest
5/31/13 04:41 AM

That living room rug makes me kinda seasick. :) What a beautiful place and charming couple!

Janel and Jim Combine Their Creative Ideas House Tour
5/30/13 07:18 AM

Breathtaking decorative moulding! But cool in so many other ways as well, interesting artwork, charming furniture, great colors. Got my vote!

Justin's Contemporary Contrast Small Cool Contest
5/25/13 08:34 AM