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Where are all of the sippy cups hiding in that kitchen?

Ellen & Greg's Renovated Loft Kitchen Kitchen Tour
1/29/14 02:32 PM

I use my bumbo all the time with my 5 mo old ( and I used it alot with my first one too). (We put her in there starting at 3mo old) I also love the baby monitor and the exersaucer (we have 2!). Both of my girls are standers, and we used it starting at 4 mo with both of them. For someone who commented "we only used X for 2 months" a lot of baby items only get used for a few months because babies grow so quickly. I never used the changing pad on the dresser. Neither kids cared much for the bouncy. I hated the bottle warmer (the bottle was either too hot or too cold). I think I only used the boppy 5 times for 2 kids. Baby tubs and wipe warmers aren't worth the money or the space. I also never used a diaper pail...just change the trash often.
Favorites: Binkies, and Medela Bottles (they have caps so you dont have to worry about them leaking on the go or use that stupid disk)

Nursery Nevers: Products You'd Never Purchase Again Nesting a Nursery
3/27/12 01:33 PM

To the person that said that you don't have to buy school supplies in Michigan, I would like to know what you are talking about. I live in Michigan, and my nephew has a class list that include dry erase markers for the teachers use only, and to bring 30 sharpened pencils to school on the first day. The kids supply for the class room. (Not sure what they do with all the extras at the end of the year) My mother was a former school teacher in an urban area, and every year we would check the ads to see who had the crayons and what not on sale because she had to supply the crayons, scissors, glue, etc.. for 30+ kids, because the kids couldn't afford them and the school didn't provide it. I do remember that in grade school the teacher would give us a package of lined paper and 2 pencils...maybe this is all that the state provided??

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8/9/11 12:21 PM

I love my glider, but we didn't use it much for first 5 mo or so. My daughter is 11 mo and I think that I have used the diaper changer about 3 times. Big Waste. My daughter didn't use her bouncy or swing too much.

The Number One Item Readers Thought They Needed But Didn't
5/18/11 01:56 PM

I love the pendent in the room! I have to ask is Mila a nickname or the full name?

My Room: MilaSan Ramon, CA | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/17/10 07:18 PM

I have the pink paint for the bathroom!

Contemporary Pink Bathroom Fixtures, Furniture Tile | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/11/10 02:48 PM

I need a new look for my bedroom

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2/29/08 12:41 PM