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Are we talking lemon or lime? The picture shows lemon, but the recipe states lime. Just looking to clarify please.
Excited to taste this recipe!

Recipe: Cantaloupe Salad with Basil, Fresh Mozzarella & Onions Recipes from The Kitchn
7/25/12 08:38 PM

lol ok so...
I loved that movie. LOVED IT! As a child I would watch it over and over again. Mean annoying brother, feeling like you have a family you don't belong in and a mother that just doesn't get you. Rigging up all those inventions to nab the bad guys. Rocking around the Christmas tree! Somehow I just dont think the movie would have been the same staged in a 800sq. ft. apartment. At least not mine anyways.

Live in the Home Alone House, No Matter Where You Live
7/20/11 07:30 PM

Since the wall colour can not be changed, use those colours as your starting blocks for your colour scheme. I would pair them with white and silver metallic accents.
Zone off each space with area rugs. I would do a light sisal and diy a nice simple white medium scale print on all the rugs to give the eye a focal point to help draw away from the intensity of the wall colours. Then start building your zones. I make a list then write down everything that I need for that space-then I select the furniture according to appropriate size and storage needs.
Another big thing you're missing is lighting.
In place of the long dark drapes-try a nice white roman. Sheer in the sense that it will allow light to travel into both spaces, but the fabric i see as a heavier type of linen just for texture. In each zone remember to include lighting. Every zone should have some form of ambient, task and accent lighting. This will add dimension and the light will act as a cohesive attribute for your space. Remember, we light surfaces-not spaces so when choosing your coffee table and end tables, storage etc. go with light pieces that will reflect the light. Try a series of white frames to help neutralize your walls. Lastly, Repetition, repetition! If you want your space to be cohesive use a repetitive piece throughout each zone. For example-floating shelves would be perfect for you because you have the nooks to put them in and they don't take up much space, but can maximize your storage. Hope some of this helps! good luck!

Floor Plan For Long & Narrow Living Room?
Good Questions

7/13/11 08:01 PM