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GORGEOUS, sensible choices and so nicely done. Bon appetit!

Before & After: A Dated Kitchen's Fresh Face-lift on a Budget
7/20/14 04:38 PM

ADORABLE and so functional! Nicely done!

Before & After: A Boring and Brown Dresser Turns Cool and Clever
7/12/14 01:32 PM

So much YES for this one. Perfect!

Before & After: A Facebook Find Goes Floral
6/30/14 01:56 PM

Yeah I don't understand painting the floor either - if it's wood, why not sand and restain it to compliment the schema? To echo the above sentiment, the labor intensive approach is admirable, but still - color me a tad confused.

Before & After: A Kitchen Gets a Dramatic Transformation with Paint & Hardware Under $700
6/21/14 04:16 PM

Just chiming in to request pictures as well! Please K Thibault :) PICS!

6 Ways to Pinpoint Your Home Decor Style
6/8/14 03:42 PM

I would add vinegar to the baking soda, to see if there were less scrubbing involved that way?

How To Clean a Greasy Range Hood Filter Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
5/22/14 04:33 PM

Insanely beautiful! I am so happy for you!!! Bon appetit!

Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
5/1/14 05:02 PM

Tarragon is my absolute favorite herb. But this recipe features it's singular taste best, and I make it several times a year beginning in the fall. SO GOOD.

From the New Basics Cookbook, but here's a blog post featuring it. GET IN THERE PEOPLE!!</a href>

Top 10 Best & Easiest Herbs to Grow in Your Garden (And How to Use Them)
5/1/14 04:23 PM

I was JUST going to say ... wow. That is one fugly room.

10 No-Fail Decor Tricks & Tips for Small Spaces
4/25/14 02:42 PM

Oh man I used to have one these in my 20s and I would give anything to have not sold it when I moved to a new state in the 90s. Called it my telephone table. Great conversation piece ::pun intended::

Before & After: Gossip Bench Breakdown
3/11/14 04:45 PM

#8 The Magnapods may seem like a good idea but look closely. How you gonna close that cabinet? Even if you move them around, the glass shelves prevent closure at almost any position.

Weekend Room Refresh: 10 Clever Bathroom Organizing Ideas
2/16/14 01:34 PM

To say nothing of what the landlord might think. As a renter, I normally employ the notion, 'better to ask forgiveness than permission' and make sure anything I do is a hands down, undisputed improvement. I cannot fathom any landlord would appreciate a peeling vinyl adhesive roll (and subsequent removal) to a counter top of any sort.

THINK, people. Think.

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets a Stylish DIY Upgrade For Under $50 Blackbird
2/13/14 02:40 PM

Cannot agree more with this, having seen the kit effects in person - this is a far more viable solution.

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets a Stylish DIY Upgrade For Under $50 Blackbird
2/13/14 02:37 PM

Cursing the day they were BORN! This is a terrible idea IMHO for all the reasons stated by others. Yuck, no thank you.

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets a Stylish DIY Upgrade For Under $50 Blackbird
2/13/14 02:35 PM

Okay but I don't really get the reason the sides and bottom are still painted white? What was the reason to not take it all the way down to wood?

Before & After: Grandma's Bedroom Set Revealed
2/6/14 05:16 PM


I defy anyone to challenge this logic.

How To Make Your Bed Once and
Sleep in it Twice As Long Comment of the Day

1/30/14 08:53 PM

Spray painted 2 from our old place in a Rustoleum oiled bronze metallic and they looked so sharp, with a retro twist. Vast improvement! They went from eye sore to hidden in plain view and generally upgraded both rooms in one fell swoop.

Real-Life Decoration Inspiration:
5 Different Ways to Paint a Radiator

1/10/14 06:14 PM

DLW7 -------> AGREED. I kind of screamed OUCH when I saw that!

In Plain Sight: 10 Smart Solutions for Everyday Organizing
1/9/14 02:26 PM

What's the source for that runner, it is fabulous.

Find Your Style: 10 Beautiful Real-Life Kitchens with Colorful Cabinets
12/16/13 01:44 PM

Ha! I was wincing in anticipation and actually grateful they stopped short!

Great Gifts for the Design Loving Bicyclist
12/11/13 05:52 PM