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Wow, I can't believe I never thought of this for traveling! Thanks for the tip!

How to Iron Your Clothes with a Hair Straightener
8/11/12 10:43 AM

I'm kind of curious about those black marks around the electrical outlet. I'd really recommend having an electrician look at that power source if it'd old and "questionable". If your landlord won't pony up for it since you've already agreed to rent, I'd consider it worth it to pay out of pocket, just for safety's sake. Or maybe offer to split the cost with your landlord?
Definitely get a good surge protector, they've become really affordable online these days on Buy.com and Amazon.

I like the ideas of vinyl tile and a fireplace screen for aesthetics.

What Should We Do with Ugly Fireplace Plus Outlet Combo? Good Questions
8/9/12 09:59 AM

These are actually really good tips. Of course it depends on your destination though. Photocopies of identification and other documents is a must. The sunscreen mentioned in the comment above is a great tip too, especially with summer travel.

Packing List & Tips for an Overseas Trip
8/2/12 09:50 AM

LOL Duane Hill! :)

Before & After: Frank's Dramatic Ikea Kitchen Remodel
7/27/12 01:45 PM

Great idea in theory - Probably gets lots of compliments when people see it - But those better be some seriously strong magnets to not get knocked off of the refrigerator by kids OR adults. Also, what if there's some drink left in the cup? Kind of defeats the purpose. How about color coded cups, and a tray in the kitchen to keep them corralled?
I like the rubber band around the glass idea.
Thanks for sharing the tip though, it's nice to know I'm not the only mom going a little nutzo from all the cups in the sink ;)

Do Fewer Dishes This Summer
With The Help Of Magnets Made

7/16/12 07:25 PM

Yep, a bunch of lamps is the way to go. You can even get one or two of those arc floor lamps (which I love) if you're not that into table lamps. If you don't want to go around switching 5 lamps on / off every time you enter or leave a room, you can probably connect them all to one power strip near the entrance of the room, and just use that as a main switch.
I think a flood light may be a mistake, as it could create quite an uncomfortable glare.

How To Lighten Dim Apartment? Good Questions
7/10/12 09:28 AM

Wow, I got a 71. Did anyone else get really dizzy doing this?

Take the Test: How Well Do You See Color?
6/23/12 02:59 PM

I like idea of a towel rod on the wall for a nice display that makes it easy and fun to choose a different scarf for your mood.

I also like this tension rod solution from a previous AT post:

Here are a couple of other posts I came across hat might be helpful as well:

How To Display Scarves? Good Questions
6/21/12 09:37 AM

My yard is about the same size as those in the picture. We have two small flowering trees planted right on our side of the property line that have been here since we bought the house. There is a very clear line of where the neighbor's property ends, and if they go any further, they have these two little trees to mow around. It doesn't overwhelm our yard, and it's also not offensive to the neighbor, which is a plus. It's actually a nice little touch to our plain front yard. Hope this helps.

How To Separate Merged Front Yards? Good Questions
6/19/12 12:33 PM

Love love love this! Seriously, great job!

Before & After: Handsome Navy Nightstands Happy Mundane
3/16/12 11:28 AM

I love this look! A more budget conscious option is acrylic shelves. From what I hear Lowe's will cut sheets of clear acrylic pretty much any size you need. Then just get some unobtrusive shelf brackets and you're set.
You could also utilize acrylic shelves conventionally used in a retail application. I actually really like the boxes, I'm just naturally way too thrifty, lol. I'm working on this project right now so I happen to have some link for acrylic shelves for anyone who's interested:

Hope this helps!

Clear & Clutter Free Display for Your Favorite Things
3/16/12 11:22 AM

Personally I like the idea of light gray walls and white(ish) curtains. IMO you can leave the curtain rods where they are, just get longer curtains that reach the floor. If you can't paint or move hardware around, please at least get new curtains :)
It would be really cool if you could get a more seamless curtain look, to where it looks like it's one big wraparound curtain, but it'll be fine without that adjustment.

I definitely agree with adding a rug, and some art on the wall above where the TV is. You can find VERY affordable original art online, or if you have an artist friend you can enlist their help. Have fun!!

Ideas for Turning an Odd-Shaped Space into a Cozy Living Room?
Good Questions

3/14/12 08:27 AM

If you're absolutely set on having the couch downstairs, one idea is to put it in the corner , or against a wall, and get big pillows to pile against the wall like a headboard. Then it can be a loungey-type couch. Kinda exotic. Like this:

You could even make your own headboard type thing like this:

Also, I'd keep a blanket on top of it during the day that you can remove at night. That way you still have clean and relatively fresh bed sheets and bedspread underneath.

How To Make Queen Bed More Sofa-Like? Good Questions
3/13/12 06:30 PM

Great tips!

Looking Up: 10 Tricks for Making Your Ceiling Look Higher
3/13/12 01:05 PM

Very lovely home! I like the seamless blend of styles.
I wish we could see a wider angle (more context) in the rooms :(

Alison's Modern Rustic Mar Vista Home House Tour
3/13/12 08:22 AM

To MOM2THEMONK: You may have done the right thing by getting a solid piece of furniture even though it was expensive. At least you won't have to replace it in 5 years! You can always get it professionally cleaned and/or reupholstered if necessary.
We have nice big leather couches (even though I prefer a more modern fabric look) and they have held up remarkably well from the time our son was very young and they're still going strong over 10 years later! (just don't let anyone sit on the arms, lol!)

Furnishing the Family Room: How Did Kids Alter Your Choices?
3/12/12 06:38 PM

My "kid" is almost 17, and I still have to resist buying "nice things" for the house (because I know they probably won't last unless it's only the adults using them). I can't wait for the day that I can buy new dishes instead of the dollar store ones that are so easy to replace, and getting more stylish dining chairs that I don't have to worry about getting stained or all scratched up :-)

Babies and toddlers create predictable messes, but also keep in mind that as they get older there's still lots of wear and tear on household items from things like; getting comfy on the couch with shoes on, having pens and pencils in their pockets, dirt on their clothes from playing outside that transfers to chairs and couches, the interminable crumbs wherever they eat (and how long can you enforce "no snacking on the couch"?).... ahh the joys of parenthood!

I think the answer to your question will different for everyone depending on their and their kids' personalities. There's a delicate balance.

Furnishing the Family Room: How Did Kids Alter Your Choices?
3/12/12 06:32 PM

Great suggestions!
BTW - There's a Groupon today for that Dali Decals site:

10 Temporary Ways to Dress Up a Rental Like You Own It Weekend Shoppers Guie
3/10/12 09:31 AM

I second the dishes idea - If it were my space I'd put a coffee service set there with some cool mugs (upside-down to avoid dusty beverages), my french press, and other stuff I use often but not every day.
You could also utilize it for bulk foods if you find yourself lacking pantry space. Find some food grade glass jars (I use a mix old Planter's Peanut jars and spaghetti sauce jars with painted lids) and use those to store sugar, beans, rice, pasta, etc.

What To Put on My Great Built-In Shelves?
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3/9/12 05:25 PM

Oops - I meant "their entire day on the computer"

Small Space Alternative: Kneeling Desk
3/2/12 04:04 PM